Monday, June 21, 2010

Your White House Circle of Jerks! An Un Precedented Amateur Hour

Photo via No Quarter!

White House: To Do to Whom List

1. Have the Governor of Arizona in for an Oval Office chat and assure her of help at the Border - then sic the Justice Deartment on her!

2. Blame Bush - the eggs were runny.

3. Get Chris Matthews to do another of his side-splitting documetaries - If you Thought The Kennedy's was riot . . .Wait until the Grannies at Tea Parties Got Guns! Milky Rocks!

4. Get Desiree Rogers a Job at Johnson Products in Chicago . . .

5. Get more fiber in Ed Schultz' diet. . .no strike that!

6. Have Rachel Maddow address the Dyke Bikers MCC of Sturgis, Michigan from the Oval Office - they voted Democrat

7. Wake the President at 3AM. . . quietly!

8. Send Hillary to Ecuador . . . why not.

9. Pony up bail for Lady Gaga. Call Sir Paul.

10. Get Sox tickets for the All Star Game . . .no the Bulls . . . name a White Sox player. Look the Bulls won the Stanley Cup for sailing the Mackinaw! Get Axe on it.

11. Super Soakers!

12. There is some Dot-head named Bobby on hold from Louisiana. . . $%^& Him!

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