Saturday, January 09, 2010

Three Race Hustlers Take a Cue to and Beat the Hell Out of the Truth - CTA Cuts

We must make certain that Illinois is a state that truly exemplifies the principles of equity and justice in its public institutions. We can start now. Let's take this lawsuit as our cue.

Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.)

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.)

Ald. Rick Munoz (22nd Ward)

Never bring a Cue to a Race Card Game, Guys!

Congressman Jackson has Ethics - well an Ethics Investigation over his noggin in Congress.

Wrong-Way Kedzie, Tamil Tiger and Rev. Moon-Pie Danny Davis is a celebrated nit-wit with the pipes of church organ and E. Power Biggs hitting the keys.

Ald. Ricky Munoz is a dodgy ethically challenged darling of the Brie Eating Dummies. His poor Dad got into a huge jackpot last year, by Ricky managed to keep most the problem off his own shoes*.

This triumvirate of race baiters is hammering the race card over cuts to CTA services and using the time-honored Lefty Mantra ( now being 'so played' by the Obama White House - Systemic)

This funding ( CTA) scheme comes from a history of systemic racism that perpetuates barriers to social and economic equity in the region.

Thanks, Fellas! I ride the CTA. Grandma Donahue rides the CTA from 63rd and Kedvale to visit Mrs. Cooney in St. Gabes in Canaryville - she takes three ( four sometimes) buses ( 63rd to Pulaski -Pulaski to 47th and 47th East to the 'Ville). Stan Petkas from over by Marquette Park rides the CTA up Kedzie to Archer and then downtown. Dinko Malinkovich from Hegewisch rides the CTA down to Jardin and back every day. Esther Fein on the Gold Coast rides CTA #151 to Temple. Bruno and Rose Panatera from Taylor Street ( well not for long because the Profs and Docs strangled what used to be called rent in that once proud Italian neighborhood) ride the CTA all over the place.

Chicago journalist Dennis Byrne at Chicago Daily Observer gives these three dopes a Three Stooges Xylophone slap (Danny,Jesse, Ricky!)- Do Read:

The problem with the filing goes well beyond it('s) narrow reading of history, convenient disregard of reality and factual errors. The pleading asks for an end to the “disproportionate adverse impact” on race, but fails to say how. Redress would by definition require the reopening of the distribution formula and possibly legislative change of the farebox recovery ratio to favor more CTA riders. Should a judge—and not elected officials—now make that decision? On what basis? There’s no guarantee that when all things fair are considered that the CTA would even come out better.

The suit also leaves out an important fact when it bifurcates the region into the CTA and suburbs. The Illinois Metropolitan Transit Authority Act, which created the CTA, authorizes the agency to operate in much of Cook County, including the suburbs (for the literal-minded, it’s everything east of Range 11.) And, indeed it does, serving as many as 30 suburbs, such as Wilmette and Evanston. Metra also serves some of those same suburbs, such as Wilmette and Evanston. So, for purposes of squishy equity the suit demands, are African Americans living in Wilmette or Evanston defined as a part of the plaintiff class? If so, should their Metra service be reduced to achieve some vaguely defined notion of parity?

Racial mongers make their living like this, separating the world into honeycombs of advantaged and disadvantage, victims and oppressors, black and white. This is the 21st century, folks. We should be beyond that.

To the three nitwits - ALL CHICAGOANS pay fares and get cold at the stops. Cuts hurt Everyone! It is cold at stops for elderly Jewish, Croatian, Lithuanian, Italian, Polish and Irish systemic racists as well as the Acceptable Victims ( Black & Hispanic). Funny – I never hear Mexicans beef. Only Hispanics, Where the hell is Hispania, or Hispanica anyway?

Danny Davis needs to start collecting his many pensions.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. needs less street cred and more sound legal advice - Talk to the Mrs. more Congressman - Dad's advice has not played out too well. Fitzy has a spotlight brighter than the Congressional 10 Watt Flashlight.

Ricky - well. One can never get through to a Leftist Action Figure. Time will take care of Ricky.

This Systemic Winter is a Bitch! Ain't it just.

Muñoz's father, Elias Muñoz, a legal Mexican immigrant, operated Nuevo Foto Muñoz at 3105 W. 26th St., in the Little Village Discount Mall. In April, 2007 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents searched the shop as part of an investigation dubbed "Operation Paper Tiger." Nearly two-dozen defendants were charged with participating in a bustling counterfeit identification document business that allegedly generated between $2 million and $3 million annually. Elias Muñoz was charged on May 29, 2007 with conspiracy to produce false identification documents and aiding and abetting. Elias Muñoz pleaded guilty, was sentenced to four years in prison and two additional years of probation, and is likely to be deported.,112821


Jim Bowman said...

To non-black and -hispanic riders of the Green, Red, Brown, Purple and other CTA add Bowman and his five adult offspring who live on the N. Side and make it out to Oak Park now and then.

Anonymous said...

Still trying to figure out how kids that take PACE and/or METRA and transfer to the CTA to get to and from school in Chicago every day are racists when their 10 ride is punched but magically turn into the oppressed minority once they swipe their Chicago Card.

pathickey said...

It is a conundrum, my friend.