Friday, January 08, 2010

Irish Columnist Kevin Myers Explains The World Media and Leftist Activist Oedipal Complex

Kevin Myers is required reading.

In today's offering, Myers succinctly and wittily explains the strange workings of the Leftist Mind. Click my post title for the full article.

The new force of Islamic fundamentalism in European life has now confounded the liberal media. The latter's "pro-anti" instincts are baffled, and its political compass sent haywire by the many contradictory components of Islamic fundamentalism. It is Asian, so it must be "good". It is anti-government: good also. It is anti-western: very good indeed. And it is anti-US: why, quite excellent, indeed, best of all!

BUT then you get to the message that these protesters are preaching: a loathing of democracy, of freedom, of women, of homosexuality, of Jews and all the tolerances of the bien-pensant. Oh here now. This is not quite cricket.

The intellectual incoherence with which the liberal media respond to neo-Nazi Islamicists is almost delightful: news coverage of a recent Islamic rally in London, in which protesters were carrying numerous placards, "Behead those who insult Islam", and "We Will Exterminate You", were simply edited by picture desks so as to conceal these messages. But news footage of the British National Front usually focuses on any imagery or wording that has echoes of the Third Reich because, of course, German Nazism and the British street-right are authorised enemies of all decencies. However, the media is still not so sure about Islamic fundamentalism. How do you solve a problem like Sharia?

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