Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kevin Myers Kills The Green Enviro-Nazis - with Common Sense! Carp A - Diem!

Ireland was a tree desert. Now, there are trees a-dying because the Peta-Patriots of Erin ban hunting in every manifestation in every election cycle - Ireland has no shortage of Nit-wits and Gutless Politicians.

Here in Chicago's Food Deserts one can not butt be overwhelmed by legions of Morbidly Porky Kids -quarting down a Slushie and a Jumbo bag of chips; yet, Systemic Racism and Nutritional Genocide keeps Pepsi and Frito Lay Alive and Well.

Today, Kevin Myers, the best Irish columnist since Flann O'Brien kicked the fatuous and fat-headed Fenians to the curb, gives it hard and steady to Irish Enviro-Nazis - their version of the Leftist Sierra Club brie nibblers and panic merchants.
Talk a Laugh!

The essence of good land management is murder. Forget that truth, and you do not have a cultured landscape of woodlands and pastures, but a brutal, meadowless and malarial wilderness, in which wide-eyed fawns are recreationally torn limb from limb by wild animals. And when death is not violent, it comes through age and hunger, and cold, when a huntsman's bullet, or the almost instant end wrought by a pack of hounds, is mercy itself.

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