Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Talk Leo! Talk Chicago! Talk Catholic League Sports - Call in to "Skinny and Houli" Avenue 950 AM Radio Tonight!

Pop Schumacher - " I think Hickey went to Little Flower High School. What's that mope know about Leo High School?For Crissakes."

Ma Schumacher - " You. You got thrown out of Leo your first day there; so what's it to you anyway? Hickey seems a nice boy- a bit slow, but nice. Lord save us! I married a mean Dutchman from Roseland, much good it did me."

Buck Schumacher - " Dad, Houli was a football great at Mount Carmel in the 1960's wasn't he?"

Pop Schumacher - "Come on, Son, Houli couldn't carry Leo's Brian Tansey's jock-strap."

Ma Schumacher -" Listen to him. You we're a Hall snitch at Fenger for four years and robbed freight cars in Hegewisch for mad money- I dated Leo Men and they were at least gentlemen."

Pop Schumacher - "Yeah, but you married me."

Maeve Schumacher- "Stop fighting! We can't hear - I think Skinny Sheahan is dreamy."

Mert Schumacher -" I do too, Let's call in and ask Skinny to sing "Nice 'N Easy!"

Buck Schumacher - "He's got pipes."

Chatty Bill Schumacher - "Uh huh."

Pop Schumacher - "Pipe down, the lot of you. I can't hear my thoughts make change. Now, Quiet!"

Avenue 950 AM Radio.
"Skinny and Houli Show" brings radio back to life with their distinctly Chicago Voices talking about the great people who make a postive difference in this great City and its suburbs.
Call in and join the fun. The "Skinny and Houli Show phone lines can be reached at 312-329-0950.


dm60462 said...

Is this a joke? Relvant Radio doesn't have prgramming after 6PM.

pathickey said...

T'aint on Relevant Radio - Relevant Raio ends at 5:30PM = It is on Avenue 950 at 6 PM and continues through 8 P.M.

No Joke - Just joking.