Saturday, January 09, 2010

I got Ripped in Four Hours! Amazing and All Natural!

This is a Totally Un-Paid-For Ad, but just as stupid as the real ones.

Dude, I took a long hard look at myself and thought "Dude it's not cool."

I was the same as I was yesterday and the day before and all the other days before, except that time me and Larry Fiscelli stole that wine from Grogan's in fifth grade and drank it and threw up all over my garage. That was cool.

My Aunt Laney sent me a $50 for Christmas and I had another Hundo ($100) from my Mom and Dad so I went over by Gee Jay's Liquors on Pulaski and got me one sweet half-barrel keg of Pabst for $89 and a fifty dollar deposit. The pump was free with the deposit.

I had the whole weekend off so I started drinking the iced down brew during the 'Bama/Texas game.

It was just me the Crimson Tide, the Longhorns, the Pabst and some Slim Jims in my apartment above Pineas Florist on 115th and my pal Jimsey was working. Cool. I used the gallon mug from Riley's Trick Shoppe that I got for the South Side Parade last year when I turned twenty one.

Jimsey O'Brien got home from work at Yellow Trucking and took this picture of me and my Steel Bro and put it up on Facebook. So Not Cool. Thanks Man. My little Sister Veronica looks on Facebook and ratted me out to my Oldies. The Old Man was pissed.

I guess it took four hours. Still some left. I think I might try college next. It's Awesome.

The world we live in is no joke. The world I live in has no cover charge, or deposits required.

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