Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rest in Peace Detective William D. Higgins, CPD -The Guard Dies But Never Surrenders

9 Jan 2010
Rest in peace:

William D. Higgins*
retired Detective Area 2 Homicide
one of best.

Det. Martin J. Tully, CPD (ret.) - Partner of Det. Billy Higgins, CPD (dec.)

Be in God's Peace and Warm Welcome, Office!

FYI - Billy Higgins and Marty Tully had the highest "closing" rate in the Detective Division of Chicago Police Department for many years.
Billy and Marty retired last year.
One time, Billy and Marty were leading the investigation of the murder of gang member around 81st and Calumet.
The man had been shot with a very high caliber automatic weapon and his body parts were all over the crime scene.
One of Chicago's more obnoxious Nitwit TV News Personalities was on-scene and was told with great courtesy but pith to remove himself and his camera man from crime scene.
This Newshound shoved his microphone in Billy's face - not a great policy - and demanded "Chicago wants to know what happened, Detective."
Billy calmed himself, " We suspect foul play."
God, I miss Billy.

* Waterloo June 18, 1815:

The Old Guard formed in squares to cover this retreat. Ney's division surrounded, made a gallant struggle--their brave leader still unwounded, though five horses had been shot under him, heading them on foot, sword in hand--but were forced to give way. The Old Guard held their ground against overwhelming numbers. Finally, when five squares were broken, the Emperor gave the order to "fall back." The cry "The Guard is repulsed" spread consternation through the French army and threatened to turn retreat into precipitate flight. Napoleon, seeing this, reformed the Guard in order to give a rallying point for the fugitives. Failing in this, he declared that he would die within the square, but Marshal Soult hurried him away. The heroic band, surrounded, was bidden to surrender. "The Old Guard dies, but never surrenders" is the reply popularly attributed to General Cambronne, and with the cry of "Vive l'Empereur!" the remnant of the Guard made a last charge upon the enemy and perished almost to a man.

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