Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Mass. Kicking Begins!

“It’s like in Roman times, they’d be trotted out to the coliseum and the lions would be brought out,” Patrick Kennedy

Sounds like the Cub of the Lion of the Senate has a problem with them there voting Felines.

More Sissy Kitties, like the pampered Patrick Kennedy, in elected office -Democrat and Republican - might be hearing the rolled up newspapers:

Moderate Democrats have grown increasingly anxious over the past few months, watching nervously as Democratic incumbents in swing districts announced retirements, as one of their own switched parties, as Republicans scored some recruiting coups and as Democrats lost key gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey.

But nothing set the alarms bells ringing quite like Scott Brown's come-from-behind victory over Martha Coakley in Massachusetts — and with it the loss of not just Ted Kennedy's Senate seat but also their party's 60-vote supermajority in the upper chamber.

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Scott Brown lit up the landscape with the soundest Mass. Kicking of everything wrong in American Political Life - Policy over Common Sense; Taxpayer Bludgeoning over Political Courage; Political Arrogance over Accountability.

This was the most significant election that I can recall. I have met many Scott Brown's and voted for a few - IL. Congressman Marty Russo, IL State Rep. Mary Flowers, Il State Senator Charles Chew, Cook County Sheriff Mike Sheahan, Metro. Water Reclamation District President Terry O'Brien,and Il. State Rep. Kevin Joyce.

These men and a very solid woman were and are elected officials who made and make a difference for people - not Policy Wizards or Editorial Boards.

The National Democratic Party has been enthralled by Academics, Old Time Radicals, Policy Wonks, and News Media Daffodils. Lately, Blogosphere Grassroot-niks have propelled elections behind huge cash pools as well.

Yesterday, voters in the Cradle of Liberty called a halt. The GOP is loaded with mopes as goofy and as gutless as endless parade of elected simpletons ( Weiner, Franks, Kirk, Schakowsky et. al. )that viewers will catch on MSNB, CNN and Fox cable at any time of the day. Here in Illinois, the GOP is almost a Democratic chameleon.

Congressman Mark Kirk,for example, is trying to run as Scott Brown - "I'm Naval Reserve; He's Army Reserve . . .and Yada, Yada!" However, Scott Brown did not and would not vote for the Waxman Markey Cap and Trade Bill!

The Mass. Kicking is Bi-Partisan! Let Mass. Kicking Continue Unchecked until the mopes who want our vote develop - Common Sense. Fill the Potholes! Spend Tax Dollars with Care! Protect our Country from Enemies -Foreign and Domestic!

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