Monday, January 04, 2010

Underlings? NYT Underling Dan MIHALOPOULOS Calls O'Brien Supporters Underlings?

Huge Hat Tip to Questian at Windy

Mr. O’Brien has support from many of the mayor’s underlings, particularly from the Northwest and Southwest Sides.
Underling? From the New York Times' Chicago News Cooperative - nice Lefty Progressive ring to that one.

under·ling (un′dər liŋ)noun
a person in a subordinate position; inferior: usually contemptuous or disparaging

You see Mayor Daley ain't backin' no one for the County Board President. He is going to ground for Ground Hogs Day ( February 2nd Primary Day By the Way!). He would have his pectorals in the Old Maytag Ringer! The Revs would go nuts; the Lake Shore Activists would do a Manger Scene in front of his 5th Floor Door; everyone else would shrug.

Toni Preckwinkle has no "Underlings" - she has . . .something, er other.

Dorothy Brown has no "Underlings" - she has retainers.

The New York Times recently picked up some cast off Chicago Tribune "Underlings" - Jim Warren - an MSNBC cast player for Chris "Milky" Matthews and Fat Boy Olbermann and the talented Mr. Dan Mihalopoulous.

"Underlings?" Oh, Danny - HENCHPERSONS at least!

Contemptuous and disparaging prose Danny Lad is the reason newspapers tanked. Keep that resume fresh son. Terry O'Brien will be fine.


Jim Bowman said...

Good catch. One gets so used to seeing that sort of thing that one becomes desensitized. One appreciates one who isn't.

pathickey said...

Thanks Jim.