Monday, January 04, 2010

Worth Democratic Committeman Candidate John O'Sullivan Draws Governor and Hundreds to Bourbon Street

This top-down was the only opportunity I had to take Governor Quinn's photo and for that I apologize - The Governor is a Class Act!

Governor Pat Quinn was welcomed to the southwest side like a Heavyweight Champion by Boxing Announcer Jack "Killer" Kilmartin! The Governor was a Champion for John O'Sullivan and offered a stirring endorsement of our candidate for Worth Township Democratic Committeeman.

Forrest Claypool travelled from the far North to introduce John O'Sullivan as a battler for honest and hard working government. Mr. Claypool noted that few Committeeman Candidates anywhere could inspire the confidence that drew hundreds of men and women to Bourbon Street, including Democratic Party Heavyweights.

My State Senator Ed Maloney was working the crowd hard for Johnny O'Sullivan and a real gentleman Joe Berrios, Cook County Commissioner and Candidate for Cook County Assessor talked with high school wrestling legendary coach Ron Oglesby and hundreds of other south side luminaries.

Kathy Meany of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District represented Terry O'Brien, who came out to the neighborhood on Friday and Saturday to help John and Patty O'Sullivan.

Hundreds of Union People, School Teachers loudly applauded this great show of why the Democratic Party remains the force that the GOP never will understand.

People doing for other People. I almost never hear, " Hey I'm busy." Helots and "Underlings" are always willing to help their neighbors. Governor Pat Quinn proved that the bigger they are - the nicer they truly happen to be.



Anonymous said...

Doesn't he own a suit jacket? He looks very unprofessional in those photos.

John O said...

Yes, I do own a suit jacket. Next time I'll think again before taking it off. As you can see from the pictures the room was very crowded and I was warm. I can assure you that professionalism is not measured by a suit jacket.