Sunday, January 10, 2010

Democrat Maureen Kelly for MWRD # 7 on Your Ballot - Has My Early Vote Tomorrow!

I am voting early for the February Election. I am going to 22nd Chicago Police District on 111th Street in my Morgan Park Neighborhood.

I am voting for Maureen Kelly for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. I have known Maureen and Jack Kelly for decades. Maureen Kelly has been Executive Director of Community & Government Relations at Saint Xavier University since May 2004 and prior to that was Special Assistant to U.S. Senator Dick Durbin. During her tenure with Senator Durbin (1997-2004), Maureen was responsible for Community Outreach for the South and Southwest suburban areas and oversaw constituent services. Before becoming a member of the Durbin Senate staff, Maureen worked as Director of Advance for the Durbin for Senate Campaign (1996). Previous to Kelly’s service with Durbin, she was an aide to Tom Dart while he was a State Representative.

Maureen Kelly is smart, tough and honest. God knows that woman is honest . . .and so do mopes like me who have tried to soft soap, dissemble or BS in the presence of Maureen. "Hickey, you are such a whiner get over it and do some work for God's sake." or my favorite, " Hickey, try and get some more of that sandwich in your mouth and less on your shirt." God raise up great women! Women keep us from wallowing in our own filth and cannibalism. They also keep us from doing very stupid things, like believing that Asian Carp is a good reason to flood Chicago.

Along with Kathleen Meany, Maureen Kelly will protect your drinking water ( 'potable' on Huffington Post and other faux-Green sites) and your home from flooding, because she reads the reports of Civil Engineers and not the theology of the environment.

Illinois, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago and all of us helots who live within the waterways maintained by (MRWD) is in the fight of its life due to a lefty agenda that now has Asian Carp as its Chicken Little Battle Cry.

Maureen Kelly reads carefully - she can read a BS Snow Job from miles away.

Vote for # 7 on your Ballot - Maureen Kelly! Click my post title for More Maureen!

Drink Safe and Stay Dry!

I am also voting for Terry O'Brien for Cook County Board President!

The rest of the stuff is . . .well, shall we say, private?

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