Friday, January 08, 2010

Thomson Townies Talk Terrorist Tourists

"While Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Sen. Dick Durbin, both Democrats, welcomed the possibility of locking up Guantanamo detainees at Thomson, several other Illinois lawmakers objected, warning that it would make the Chicago area a terrorist target.

But some folks who live in the shadow of the prison don't buy that." Huffington Post

Thomson, Illinois - ( The Home of Kettles of Thomson, Illinois - Ma and Pa and the twenty four kids. Planned Parenthood wanted to do a study. Pa said "Naw." Ma is taking Pa's Union Suit out of the wash boiler*.)

*Wash Boiler - A vessel of sheet-metal in which clothes to be washed are boiled.

Ma Kettle: [about Pa's underwear] It's the latest thing, Billy Reed said they'd fit perfectly.
Pa Kettle: They probably would if he were in them with me!
Ma Kettle: [laughs] Well, we'll just pin them up for right now, they'll shrink once I wash them. Pa, I always seem to be scoldin' you.
Pa Kettle: I know, Ma. You do all the barkin', but it's me that's always in the doghouse

Ma Kettle: Pa, you're lazier than that old hound dog we used to have.
Pa Kettle: Which one?
Ma Kettle: The one that used to lean against the wall when she barked.

(Shotgun Smith stops by) Mornin' Ma! Mornin' Pa tell you 'bout the news I saw?

Ma & Pa - Naw!

Shotgun- Terrorists a Comin'!

Pa Kettle: I thought they might be a traveling salesmen. A lot of them visit farms, you know.

Shotgun: Yeah, I've heard stories about them.

Ma Kettle: Thomas Edison's first name was Thomas!

Pa and Shotgun - Don't say.

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