Thursday, January 21, 2010

Medill's Mike Madigan Fishing Expedition - Asian Carp Not Good Enough?

The Tribune expends time, talent and treasure on targets.

They had four full-time 'investigators' on Mike Sheahan for years and coughed up a twenty minute toss of their work by a jury empanelled to make hay for the MacArthur Center for Justice in a BS - lawyer incited brutality beef at Cook County Jail.

Mike Madigan is "the target for Tonight!" Nice try, Cupcakes.

Mike Madigan sends more brain cells into the waters treated
by the Metro Water Reclamation District every day than the collective Intelligence of the entire Medill Scam Co-op can ever hope to Dream of possessing. ( Trib & etc.).

Mike Madigan is smart and smart requires a close attention to details - ethical, moral and legal.

As to the Tribune's latest BS Investigation - does not seem to be any There -there.

The Trib should toss the Cliff's Notes and read some books.

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