Sunday, January 24, 2010

Men's Fall Fashion - What is Offered and What We Will Wear!

The Devil wears Prada, because Old Nick has no twin saddle bags of superfluous flesh cascading at his back pockets, and suffers not from DunLop's Disease*! Theologically, Old Scratch looks "Faaaabulous!" - trim and fastidiously turned out and ready to cut some of the weak ones out of the Herd! No Wingman, He! Silks and Satins and Satan's own good time!

The rest of us gents? Me anyway - Armani would be a suicide pilot to attempt to gussy up this Old Roue.

The fashion folks have slapped together Man Hugging items and accessories that will be worn publicly by Victims: of ridicule;assault; uncontrolled laughter and closet space.

Heather Kenny at(Some)Chicago Reader makes a heroic case for Burbury Pirates and Versace Vampires.

Men's fashion is rarely as dramatic as the women's shows because men's clothing doesn't change as much from year to year. On the other hand, small touches can have big effect (which makes it easy to do a makeover on your boyfriend).

As If, Heather! Girls! Round up a gelding!

Two of the selections for Man 2010 Fall Collection are provided above: sinister and dextra- the gent in media res is wearing pretty much standard issue American Middle Age Male Mufti.

I find the buckishly grey gentleman, (conservative yes, but defiantly dashing in a blue blazer/Open Collar Oxford cloth button-down with manly white crew t-shirt apparent) to be eminently attractive. Ladies? N'cest Pas?

* dunlop's disease

When your belly Dun Lops Over Your Belt.

Hey, when Murph looks at a Menu he says, " Okay!"

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