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Both Sides Now and Always - How the Progressive Mouth Moves

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Two Progressive Cook County Powerhouses and intellectual dim bulbs - Cook County Clerk and Rep. Mike Quigley,   have Yin and Yanged on the Trump investigation into voter fraud.

Vertically challenged Congressman Mike Quigley and former Mayor and  prognathic progressive Cook County Clerk Dave Orr are doing a classic pull-me-pull you argument that arrives with John Dewey certainty at the conclusion that Russia owns President Trump,

First, here is the diminutive Democrat's denunciation of Donald Trump:
Democratic Rep. Mike Quigleyclaims that Russia hacked into Illinois’ State Board of Elections last year to undermine voters’ faith in the electoral process.
Quigley, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, made the assertion on Monday to the Chicago Tribune after an interview with its editorial board. “I believe they’re on the doorstep to hacking into our voting systems. That is my educated guess,” Quigley said. The congressman said the committee should look at classifying election systems as a “target” and devote federal resources to protect their integrity.

The problem is that since May 11, the Trump White House established a panel to study vote fraud in the United States ( the big 50, but not D.C., Guam, and Puerto Rico).  Vote fraud -Russki, Lower Slobovian, or Mikva Challenge 5th Ward Goo-goo Go-Getters - is just wrong.
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However, Maxillary Maximus, Clerk of Cook County and Grecian Formula Guy, offered this to the Chicago and Cook County Resistance in hipper Pilsen, Lakeview, Evanston, Peoples Republic of Oak Park,  Hyde Park, the Faith Community of St. Sabina, Unitarian flocks county wide, and in my 19th Ward, Longwood Drive and its ancillary cul de sac'd street - anywhere the Voice of Resistance WBEZ and WTTW blares:
From the time he was a presidential candidate, Donald Trump has made unproven claims of widespread voter fraud happening throughout the nation. Now as president, Trump has assembled the inauthentic Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity to investigate voter registration and voter fraud.
This partisan Commission has been formed on false pretenses: 3 to 5 million people did not vote illegally in the last presidential election, as the president believes, and a true bi-partisan Commission requires careful analysis and expertise.
Were this Commission truly working in the interest of making our elections as error-free and our voter rolls as clean as possible, the focus would be on the following:
Bringing every state on-board with the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) — a nationwide network of states, which includes Illinois, that securely shares voter registration data – so that voter information nationwide would be accurate and up-to-date.
Updating our nation’s election infrastructure — the machines voters use to cast their ballots — which in many election jurisdictions are a decade or more old and are being held together with replacement parts often purchased on eBay.
Pushing all states toward Automatic Voter Registration – a good government tool to help clean voter rolls across the nation.
Instead, the President’s Commission has told state election authorities to hand over information including the names, addresses, birth dates and party affiliations of registered voters in each state. The Commission also wants a record of felony convictions, military statuses, the last four digits of Social Security numbers and voting records dating back to 2006.
I’m happy to see that so far, election authorities in more than 40 states – including Kris Kobach’s own Kansas Secretary of State office – have rejected the Commission’s request for this information, and I urge the Illinois Board of Elections to stand up against this unnecessary overreach.
Voting is a fundamental right. Unfortunately, instead of a genuinely bipartisan group dedicated to protecting the vote, President Trump has stacked the deck of his Commission with a number of lawmakers who have shown an inclination towards voter suppression.
Furthermore, this comes at a time when Republicans have sought to defund the Election Assistance Commission, a truly bi-partisan Commission.
I strongly encourage the Illinois Board of Elections, as well as my fellow elections administrators, to be cautious of the motives of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity and not comply with this dangerous request.

David Orr Cook County Clerk (Emphases my own)
 You see, 20 States have already adopted ERIC and Illinois is one of them.  It was David  Orr and Mike Quigley who bulldozed electronic voting here in Cook County back in 2006.  I wrote about this only a few weeks ago -

Donald Trump did not force the use of computer-voting on the voters of Cook County. You did, Mike Quigley. And this twerp is on the House Intelligence Committee? Vlad Putin could not have gotten into our election machines without buck-toothed Dave Orr, Forrest Claypool, Larry Sufredin and the good folks at Sequoia Voting Systems.
In 2006, Mike Quigley was one of the Progressive grifters. . .I mean Commissioners,  who worked with Cook County Clerk David Orr, at the behest of Help America Vote, Abner Mikva and friends, to weld suburban Cook County and Chicago voters together with Venezuelan voting machines.
The Sequoia Voting Machines, Help America Vote, Forrest Claypool, Venezuela and those rascally Russians are all part of our Progressive History.  Prior to the 2008 Election of the transformative Barack H. Obama, a huge fan of Venezuelan Tin-pot Dictator the late Hugo Chavez and voting began getting hacked without hanging chads, on-line and vulnerable.
That was 2006, when former Mayor and Cook County Clerk David Orr insisted that Cook County and City Elections operate the identical voting systems.
 These swell voting gizmos are a product of Venezuela - that paragon of Progressive Democracy.

Well, boys and girls Quigley notes that the Kremlin hacked the Illinois Vote and wants the Federal government to get on that stick!

Dave Orr, who could bite a pig's ass through a picket fences, chews this cabbage twice and wants no scrutiny.

Straight talking Progressives - the gang that made Illinois a laughing stock, Obama President and voter fraud more accessible to computer hacking - always give their truth - out of both sides of their mouth.  One message and many directions. Image result for David Orr and Mike Quigley

The Illinois Elector Commission had better open the books to Mike Pence and  Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity,
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Progressives lack that last noun.

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