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A Note to Pope Francis - Distorted Visions Don't Contribute to Peter's Pence

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" So, all of the Muslims in the wagon trains were scalped by the . . .Seventh Cavalry . . ."

I am afraid there are very dangerous alliances between powers who have a distorted view of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, Russia and Assad in the war in Syria,”  - Pope Francis I

I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” - Barack Obama

"There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people." - Howard Zinn

Pope Francis seems like a very nice man.  That said, I believe that he owns a very jaundiced view of America (United States), the American people and our values.

This is not a surprise as the Pope visited the United States for the only time in his life, after he became St. Peter's Successor. Pope Francis was squired around and reported on Washington, D.C., New York City and Philadelphia by people who have as yellow a vision of America (USA), its people and its history.  A simple look at the CBS coverage highlights the social and cultural agenda of the media more than it does the impact of the Pope upon Catholics in America - at least two features go to great lengths to condemn the conscience of a Kentucky county clerk and attempt to make her out to be liar, rather than anything else of moment. President Obama had spoken and LQBTQIAPK marriage replaced traditional marriage, to some minds.

President Obama seemed perfect for Pope Francis and vice versa.  President Obama is the first Howard Zinn indoctrinated President, as well as the first Planned Parenthood, LGBTQIAPK and Black President.  Howard Zinn affected the study of American history like no scholar since Francis Parkman.  Zinn is 100% wrong on his Marxist disdain for American history, the American people and American values.

Zinn believed that the Greatest Generation, our fathers and grandfathers, should be ashamed of their sacrifices freeing Europe and Asia from global totalitarians, " Should we not honor, instead of parachutists and bomber pilots, those conscientious objectors who refused to fight or the radicals and pacifists who opposed the idea that young people of one nation should kill young people of another nation to serve the purposes of politicians and financiers?"

No, Howard.

My Dad did not collect Japanese grenade fragments in tribute to Wall Street.  He liberated the Melanesians of Bougainville, the Chamorros of Guam and whatever was supposed to live on Iwo Jima. One more landing and there would have been bump in the Hickey DNA and I would not be typing this.

President Obama's America came from Howard Zinn, Frank Marshall Davis and Pastor Jeremiah Wright. 

The Pope is political and his politics seems to be much more strident than his fore-runners, including the sainted John Paul II.  His appointment of the ultra political Blase Cupich to the Chicago Archdiocese is a pretty clear indication that Pope Francis wants his bishops to lock-in with the  local political powers.  Blase Cardinal Cupich has locked step with Chicago and Cook County politicians like a ballroom dancer. As a result, Chicago political pastor Micheal Pfleger :
It’s a first: Father Pfleger tells Sneed the appearance of Cardinal Blase J. Cupich at St. Sabina’s summer kickoff rally and March for Peace in the neighborhood was the first time a cardinal from the Chicago Archdiocese had ever attended the neighborhood event.
“I’ve been inviting them year after year to no avail. And Cardinal Cupich came directly off a flight from a Bishops Conference in Indianapolis in order to make the march. Pretty special”
Pretty special indeed. Pfleger owns the Chicago media and just made Cardinal Blase bullet-proof.  Cardinal George was vilified by the political stooges on Chicago's newspapers, as well as radio and television. It appears that Cupich cares more about the good opinion of Michael Sneed and Jay Levine than he does about the people in pews at St. Bede the Venerable, or St. Pascal's.

Pope Francis sponsored Cupich and now Phleger sponsors him as well. Is that a vision thing?

You bet.

Pope Francis does not seem to like President Trump.  Fair enough.  However, while President Trump was in Poland and later Germany in defense of Western Civilization, Pope Francis grouped America(USA) along with Russia, North Korea, Syria and Red China as nations with 'distored visions.'

I do not recall America crossing the 38th Parallel in 1950, crushing speech in Prague in 1968 and sending millions of people to the GULAG as well as persecuting Jews, or sending tanks into Tibet, nor laying down gas on civilians anywhere.

The late Howard Zinn could straighten me out, I guess, but he has shed his mortal husk.

I do know that American Catholics ( I'm one) send the most financial support to Peter's Pence every year.  Yep.  America on average contributes almost 30% annually to the Pope's Pot.

People with 'distorted vision' don't crack open their wallets. People with 'distorted visions' don't run to join the Marines and liberate people from real oppression for three years.  They don't qualify for Honor Fights.

People with 'distorted visions' are political people, Your Holiness.

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