Friday, November 11, 2016

John Kass: Civics Lesson and the Salvation of Fly Over America

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John Kass is great writer.  A great writer hammers out or scribbles words that should come as close to the truth as possible and Kass delivers daily.  You might disagree, but truth is all about disagreement.

I say the Nicene Creed at Mass, because I believe the truth of it.  I do so only because 3rd Century Greek speaking and writing Roman bishops and statesmen slaughtered one another from Alexandria to Antioch over the precise wording of the core consubstantiation - three Persons; One God.

Today, Kass's column speaks to the 'concered, thoughtful and serious' voices that are howling like banshees out of range of the public's ear drums. The elites, the artists, the actors, the journalists, the anchors, the professors, the activists and the organizers who were doing so well in the emerging American oligarchy, along with bankers, arbitragers, venture capitalists and short-selling globalists.
Scream democracy, vaporize the middle class and rule is the compelling narrative of any Banana Republic.

 . . .   I'm not even a big fan of early voting. I figure that if voting is actually important to you, then you'll get up on Election Day and get your butt down to the polling place and cast a ballot in person.
Still, if we got rid of the Electoral College, think of the shape of things to come. Soon after, we could have immediate national referendums on almost every important issue. And depending on America's mood, we could swing quickly, one way or another, this way and then back again.
We wouldn't need a House of Representatives or a Senate. Legislation takes too long. The president could appoint governing bureaucrats who would move with great speed. States wouldn't count for much, if anything. They'd disappear eventually, as would the idea that the people of Kentucky might see things differently than the people of New York.
The populated coasts would become supreme. And if California got passionate and wanted Great Lakes water, we'd have a quick national vote on it. Bingo. A pipeline to drain the lakes, and it's done.
We'd have real democracy for a change. And the majority would rule. And that ancient experiment called a republic, designed to be inefficient and slow, to protect the minority view?
Who'd want that anyway?

That is a rhetorical question.  John Kass and you and I know exactly who would want that - the very people who want to rule over everyone else and call it a democracy. We are a Democratic Republic and thank God, all three of him in my home, for that.  Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Adams and Franklin were successful, because they were "Stronger Together" - they were like the Arian and Athansian bishops and monks and thugs kicking sand in Alexandia and eventually Nicea.

The Constitution is our foundation because it protects the few from the majority and not fools the majority for the few.

The Elites and their Retainers detest the Deplorables in Fly Over America ( Pittsburgh, Akron, Cleveland, Detroit, Gary, Chicago, Milwaukee, Duluth, Davenport, Omaha & etc.) , but last Tuesday some of those Retainers decided they did not like being retained at all and a revolution took place - without one dime of George Soros's money.

Fly Over America was saved from becoming a Hunger Games landscape.

Trump did not do that.

The Constitution of the United States did that.

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