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Chicago Values Taught at CPS by Dave Steiber: Pointing a Finger Trumps Pointing a Gun

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“Racism is learned,” O’Shea said. “Kids aren’t born with it. They learn it.” Chicago Sun Times

If you live in Chicago, and are young and black, you probably deal with the police — or are tense because of the police — daily. I only have to deal with this tension when I choose to listen to black youth.
In my mind, I was trying to operate in a world where police and black youth could exist in the same space. Thanks to Page, I am beginning to see differently. I now realize that if we teachers cared as much about why so many of our black students have a hatred towards the police to begin with, as we do to Page saying, “F*ck the police” at a rally, we would be much closer to stopping police brutality.  Dave Steiber*, CPS Teacher/Activist in Huffington Post  and Twitter SJW

Alderman Matt O'Shea ( D 19th Ward)  met the 'demands' of six high school girls from Walter Payton Prep.

   DNAinfo/Joe Ward
DOWNTOWN —  With racial tension spiking in Mount Greenwood and at Marist High School, the neighborhood will hold prayer vigils, town hall meetings and workshops in hopes of improving race relations in the area, city and police officials said Friday.
Ald. Matt O'Shea (19th), Police Supt. Eddie Johnson and Marist Principal Larry Tucker met with members of Black Lives Matter Youth at CPS headquarters Friday to discuss ways to improve the tension that spiked with the police killing of a black man in the area and racist texts from Marist students that followed the shooting.
"I was caught by surprise and I'm saddened by it," O'Shea said about racial tension enveloping Mount Greenwood. "Today, I hope we can turn the corner."
City officials had offered the meeting DNAinfo
Matt O'Shea is a hard working alderman and a very nice guy.

Everyone in the 19th Ward which includes Beverly, Morgan Park and Mount Greenwood, as well as Black, Mexican, Lithuanian, Italian, Polish, German, Swedish, Latino, Moroccan, Chinese, Japanese, Croatian, Bosnian Serb, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Jewish, Muslim, Unitarian and Atheist people is "caught by surprise and . . . saddened by"  the fact that  the gun pointing and brawling by foolish young man forced off-duty police officers to fire on him and kill him has taken on Chicago Values.

Chicago Values are very confusing.

If any person thinks and believes that his/her religious, philosophical, or moral code requires that he/she refuse actions mandated by the political class, that person should not operate a business, or speak his mind.

Chicago Values are strict, disciplined, but they can also touch the heart, of people they agree with, or who help the agenda.

Chicago Values can also forgive turning a rally in support of the a teachers union over to this person - Page May

I** was taught values by parents and had them reinforced in Catholic schools.  That was acceptable at one time.

Now, young people are taught Chicago Values by people like Dave Steiber and Page May.  Dave Steiber has one goal and that is to end racism forever.  Page May?  I am not seeing it because, I'mma Boss that bitch, bitch,bitch, bitch/Imma Boss that bitch,bitch,bitch, bitch' and 'F@#$ a Police!' is all that is coming through.  This come from a tactic employed by Black Lives Matter and learned from REVCOM and International Socialist when employed nationally in the failed ouster of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker - drum circles and hip-hop meter fights the power, “(Expletive) Whomever, (expletive) the system, ’bout to burn it down./“Kill ’em off with kindness, tuck your burner, you can put it down.”

Dave Steibel writes for Huffington Post and teaches in Chicago Public Schools, he has never set foot in Mount Greenwood but he has told the nation everything it needs to know about Mount Greenwood.His HufPo piece this week has been expanded to excoriate people who do not question the legality of the Joshua Beal shooting, or his motives, into a jeremiad on the impossibility of any future democracy.
One person asked me, “Have you been to Mount Greenwood?” I honestly must say I have not. I don’t need to go there to get to know the community. I was raised in a predominately white community. I know as a white person that I have the privilege to feel safe and respected in a community like that. My whiteness allows me to be accepted wherever I go.
The blatant racism of Mount Greenwood is the issue. Mount Greenwood has many examples of historical racism. Add in the recent racist actions and the threats of violence on protesters who want to practice their Democratic right to protest, further proves that what I wrote last week is accurate. . . .    Whether you agree or not with the message of the protestors they have the right to protest without having their lives threatened and/or made to feel like we are all living in the 1950’s.
Unless you happen to be a Blue Lives Matter protestor;  see, how surprising and sad Chicago Values can be? Unless you happen to be a Black family living in Mount Greenwood for many years and enjoy your white neighbors as well as the safety enjoyed by all.

A young white girl texted ' I @#$%ing hate n#$$%^&' on Twitter and it was intercepted by a Twitter friend who contacted the media and Black Lives Matter and then DNAinfo scooped the story that Mount Greenwood girl texted a racist message as evidence of wholesale 1960's Jim Crow. Bishop Cupich tossed his two cents in and the girl and her immediate circle of texting friends were expelled from Marist High School - that is a sin Chicago Values refuses to counsel.  Dave Steiber went hot under the collar as much as Pastor Pfleger in his ill-fitting Roman collar.

The students who lead and organize Black Lives Matter Youth had planned a teach in downtown about what happened to Joshua Beal as well as a racial incident that happened at Marist High School in Mount Greenwood this week. After the teach in they planned to travel to Mount Greenwood to protest. The day before this protest the students parents were contacted by CPS and told, “White supremacist groups are threatening to kill students on site”.

Dave Steiber has a wonderfully smug tone in all of his pieces for Huffington Post that suits that source and many of the young Progressive elites training to be louder and more image-conscious in Chicago's magnet high schools like Walter Payton Prep.  Walter Payton Prep is the home school of the young ladies who demanded that Alderman O'Shea and Chicago Police Superintendent meet with them on a monthly basis.
Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson on Friday said he has agreed to meet with Black Lives Matter Youth activists every month to discuss relations between police and minority communities.
Johnson talked of his plans following a meeting between him, leaders of minority youth groups, Ald. Matt O’Shea (19th) and the principal of Marist High School.
After the closed-door meeting, which ran more than two hours, leaders from Black Lives Matter Youth and the Black Student Union of Walter Payton College Prep told reporters that their demands had been met.

Dave Steiber is working closely with the young ladies. Chicago Values are taught and they are highly coordinated.  You are not born with values.

Chicago Values are learned.  You now know one of their teachers - Dave Steiber.

*I ( Dave Steiber) am a father, husband, Chicago Public Schools teacher of Social Studies and Spoken Word Poetry coach. I have my Masters in Urban Education Policy Studies and I am working to become a National Board Certified teacher. I am passionately committed to promoting and improving urban public education, while simultaneously improving the lives of students, especially the students that I teach on the South Side of the city.

**  I taught English and raised money in Catholic High Schools for forty years - 21 at Leo High School.

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