Sunday, March 23, 2008

'Typical White Person' Gaffe, Conviction, Endgame for Obama?

'Typical White Persons" - Gettysburg July 4, 1863

Barack Obama is a politician: Schooled, Glib, Impressive, and all too Human. His remarks about his white Grandmother being a 'typical white person' generally would be considered a safe slide to the base; but, this being a Presidential Campaign, Obama was tagged out.

Reaction to the document of his lecture on Race in America is being generally greeted with high praise. I thought it was thin beer - a political dodge to avoid speaking to his years of friendship and discipleship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright a Black Liberation preacher whose theology is a tangle of Marxism and Gospel.

Instead of explaining the appeal of Black Liberation theology to his heart, Obama lectured America with a moral equivalence dualism: Wright harbors hate; so does Obama's white Grandmother. That works with radical lawyers making lawsuits for criminals against police and plays very well in the press: Mr. 'A' murdered seven people, by incinerating them in their home, but he says that police 'tortured' him in custody.'
It works in court and in the press, but I do not believe that it will work at the polls.

Obama was in the 'jackpot' over Wright, Rezko, and his long and friendly association with domestic terrorists Ayers and Dohrn and so it seemed to make sense to throw out a moral equivalence defense.

This is the court of public opinion and not one where clever applications of statutes and ambiguities can garner a victory over right and wrong. Lecturing the country on what the typical black, white, red, brown, and grey American knows full well, lives day-to-day, deals with day-to-day, and emerges almost universally triumphant day-to-day. Americans treat each other with respect, dignity and fairness. Deeds not words, as Obama cited in his text.

Barack Obama's speech was a calculated political tactic. It failed. His subsequent remarks about his Grandmother being 'a typical white person' - fatal.


Anonymous said...

obambi is the biggest trick that the democratic party has pulled on the usa!

so glad all this info is coming out, hope it isn't too late or forgotten. all must keep this info on front lines.

if you are a believer in our lord, just pray for our country!

RememberSekhmet said...

I wrote on my own blog about the reactions of a lot of post-Boomer whites to the whole thing, and where it comes from.