Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trust Teachers, Not Test Scores - The Pink 'I Had and Abortion' DNC Smart Wear 2008 - No Wonder the Convention is a Trainwreck!

The Public School Lobby which has helped disinterested parents to destroy American Public Education while still screaming for more tax-payer dollars to waste, has a delegate black felt Cat In the Hat style hat for their loudmouths - TRUST TEACHERS, NOT TEST SCORES!

Every time I think that the bar has been raised on stupid, the Progressives who control the Democratic National Committee move it up a few more notches.

Here in Illinois there is another stick-up artist threatening to keep kids out of school on opening day - to Save the Children! Meeks gave the Kids a Get out of School Free Pass; now, what happens when the truant kids are hurt - or worse?

Get Rev./Senator Meeks needs one of them Hats! He is the Cat - Put on the Hat!

Check it out - white, black, red, yellow and pinkish Liberals!

DENVER -- It was pretty easy to figure out that Monica Stonier cares about education, that Johnnie Patton supports more energy conservation and that Ruth Rudy wants the party to unify behind presidential nominee Barack Obama.

You could see it in the hats they were sporting on the floor of the Democratic National Convention on Monday.

Stonier, a 32-year-old delegate from Vancouver, Wash., had covered a large Dr. Seuss hat with black felt and written in white, "Trust Teachers, Not Test Scores" on one side and "Teachers for Obama" on the other.

"I think this is a great place to get a little attention on what No Child Left Behind is doing to our kids and to our teachers," the instructional coach and former middle school teacher said. "We don't have the innovative thinking we need."

If these Tax addicted junkies would go into rehab for a few weeks ( Jonesing is Bitch!), or were in the least bit interested in Real School Reform - with Accountability for Teachers at the Top - they would get behind Real School Choice - Vouchers.

Nothing else will help.

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