Tuesday, August 05, 2008

John McCain:Juice Bag Keith Olbermann, the Uberbore loses Milbank: MSNBC The Tool Shed!

MSNBC's Countdown's Bloated Boor -Keith Olbermann, a dweeb that could get the Dalai Lama to toss on a pair brass knucks, had long-time pal and guest Dana Milbank jump ship on him and the MSNBC Tool Shed cavalcade of cretins, feebs and dummies.

Anyone with a point a view gets the Thought Criminal Treatment from the Obama Campaign's Propaganda Mill at MSNBC. Obama will lose forty states in November, thanks in large part to his empty resume, arrogance, race-baiting strategy ( really made Bubba PO'd), and IN THE TANK shills at MSNBC. Give Olby a Raise!

Huge Hat Tip to the good folks, Democrats all, at No Quarter.
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Who's next?


Patrick said...

Pat - I registered the domain www.keitholbermannsucks.com

Let me know when we should launch it...

Pat Guest

pathickey said...

The sentiment is awash with liquid - launch that boat!

Max in Missouri said...

Patrick, you stole my idea....lol

I just searched to see if www.keitholbermannsucks.com was available and it pulled up this blog.....

Do it dude, he sucks bad! I want to punch my TV everytime his smug mug comes on!