Friday, August 29, 2008

Ayers has Camp Obama in Overdrive - Ayers Could be the Bounce Catcher

The Temple is Down - The Bounce is On. Senator Obama gave a wonderful, thigh-tingling speech accepting the nomination of the Democratic Party as candidate for President of the United States. A wonderful moment in American History as the first black American to run for the White House was sharedby the entire nation.

The Obama Campaign, however, is running in hyper-drive to kill the growing story of Senator Obama's long and close association with Billy Ayers. This will be the bounce killer.

Obama Campaign Overwhelming Ayers Swift-Boat Spot With More Response Ads
By Greg Sargent - August 28, 2008, 5:19PM

Okay, this is interesting: The Obama campaign is now running ads responding to the Swift-Boating Obama-Ayers spot at a significantly faster pace than the original spot itself is running.

It's yet another sign that the Obama campaign is dead serious about sinking real resources into real media buys responding to such attacks, thus using rebuttal ads to saturate the local markets where the attack spots are running.

On August 26th -- the last date for which info is available -- the American Issues Project, the group behind the spot tying Obama to the former Weatherman, ran the ad 304 times in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Virginia.

On that same day, the Obama campaign aired its response ad some 550 times -- nearly twice as many times -- in those same four states.

According to Evan Tracey, who tracks national ad buys for the Campaign Media Analysis Group and supplied us with these numbers, this shows that the Obama campaign's response is overtaking the ad itself in frequency.

"If current trends continue, Obama will be drowning out those ads," Tracey says.

The numbers tell the story. AIP has run the Ayers spot a total of 730 times overall as of the end of the 26th. Obama started running his response ad later, but it has already run nearly as many times overall -- 643. And on the 26th, Obama's ad ran significantly more times -- indicating that he's now running his response at a higher pace, Tracey says.

"Obama won't be outgunned. That's one of the advantages of having money," Tracey concludes. "The Obama campaign is not afraid to deviate from its national message to put out these local fires."

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