Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kanye West Fatburger in Orland Park and Irish Beverly! No Food Deserts Here!

And you thought all Kanye cared about was the music (and the award shows, and the Kanye). Next month, in the southwest suburban community of Orland Park, Kanye West will open the first Chicago area Fatburger, Chicago Business reported Tuesday. They failed to mention that, with this announcement, many displaced Californians wept in relief (and anticipation). Indeed, his company, KW Foods LLC, is licensed to open 10 Fatburgers in the Chicago area. The first will open in September at 15110 S. La Grange Rd (the opening date is not yet set); and the second Fatburger will open in January in the Beverly neighborhood; and the third – well, they have a location, but not a lease quite yet.

At this point you might be wondering: What exactly is this Fatburger? And why might Kanye West have an intense interest in Fatburger? I have a few answers: Out west – the chain is based in Santa Monica – Fatburger (“The Last Great Hamburger Stand”) is nothing less than a culinary religion. There is the immortal In-N-Out Burger (which comes in a wrapper, for cleaner, tidier eating, and which does not have plans to open in Chicago), and there is the Fatburger (with burgers larger than an Easter Island noggin) -- and which is better is a legendary ongoing debate. I have eaten at both, and I have lived to tell about it, and my vote goes with Fatburger. I am not alone: Notorious B.I.G. extolled the virtues of Fatburger in song. So did the Beastie Boys. And so did Ice Cube. Will you? And while you’re at it – what hamburger chain that is not yet in Chicago would you like to see come to Chicago?

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Yep, that's pretty much it: the award shows, and the Kanye - not much changed here.

Question: Kanye, why not help the tax-base in Auburn Gresham, Roseland, Grand Crossing or Chatham? Kids from our own Leo High School, Our Lady of Calumet High School, Simeon and Morgan Park High Schools are always looking for after school employment and a good wholesome 'bit of tucker' after football practice. What gives? Why serve only the white demographic? Better watch out for Rev. Al Sharpton's tongue lashing, Son! But Kanye, you're from Chicago, you know the score.

This is all about the buckos - disposable income & etc. You really could do some good in neighborhoods that are only identified by gun violence and the funerals of CPS kids.* A Fatburger in these neighborhoods just might offer some opportunity and some hope - but, that would be for other people and not the Kanye. Oh, well.

Maybe, Kanye is looking to score huge during the pub crawl season prior to and after St. Paddy's Day - stoking the false hungers of Irish Wannabees who bus down to Western Ave. and get their Irish Freaks On - drinking more than they should and turning over City floral planters. That does call for a Fatburger.

However, the local competition is fierce from Sean's Rhino Bar, Grants Wonder Burger, The Legendary Top-Notch,Fat Tommie's, Pops's Marco's, and the homeric bar burgers at Cullinan's Stadium Club, Jackie Casto's Ken's, Corrigans, Ritchie's and Quigley's Pubs. All superior Burger purveyors with fiercely loyal followings.

Beverly is no Burger Desert, there Kanye. Over East and North of Irish Beverly, one is lucky to find anything but a very few fast food chains and low-end take away dinning out of paper bags. For real.

Now, 151st & LaGrange Road? Ah, yes. Mallrats from the 'Burbs.

* from today's Tribune:

Two men were shot and severely wounded early Thursday morning on Chicago's South Side, police said.

The victims, ages 25 and 26, were shot in the 7700 block of South Marshfield Avenue shortly before 1 a.m.

The 26-year-old suffered multiple bullet wounds, including at least one to the neck. He was reported in critical condition at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, police said. The 25-year-old also suffered multiple wounds and was reported in serious condition at an area hospital.

One of the victims was believed to have gang affiliations, police said, but it's unclear if the shooting was gang-related.


Anonymous said...

In and out is way better.

Anonymous said...

I think Kayne west is a smart business man.
No one complains when Donald Trump build
Millim dollars In affleuent all white areas, no
One complains when that he never considers
Poor whites. This is his first, who knows he may
Put a Fatburger between 87th-95th and Stony Island,
That would be a great location. Give the brother a chance.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kanye West may be a smart business man but lacks in humanity skills.I saw a very nice family ask the manager at fatburger to post a flyer of their 2 year old grandson for prayers who was diagnoised with leukemia and in the hope childrens hospital. and was rudely denied. should we not have compasion for children with childhood illnesses not only were they treated badly but they messed up their food order and I believe created a bad overall view.Kanye west should look at the people they use to represent fatburger.My west should try to help those people as well as the hope childrens hospital.Very sad time we live in when this happens!

Anonymous said...

You've obviously never been to the corner of 95th and Western before, the new location is basically across the street from Evergreen Plaza (dubbed "Everblack Plaza" by locals). Racial borders are clearly lineated in that neighborhood.

Oh, and good call, maybe shoving another unhealthy food outlet into the hood will totally save the neighborhood, flipping burgers is definitely good life training for our youth. And why not give them another place to get deep-fried fatty food, God knows there's nowhere to find that in poor neighborhoods.

I agree that he could be doing more for the community, but there's bigger issues at hand. Wake up.

pathickey said...

(Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwnnn! ) Sorry . . . you were saying?