Wednesday, August 20, 2008

John McCain; Meghan McCain's Kid's Book Bio of Her Hero Dad

Meghan McCain is coming out with a illustrated book for kids - illustratred graphic novel for Obama supporters soon to follow?( 'Mom! It's not s stupid Comic Book! It's Novel! Illustrated. Get Off my back! Vote for that Old Man - go ahead. Obama understands me. Is my Pop Tart ready yet?') Meghan McCain's book is aimed at 5-10 year old citizens voters to be.

Speaking of books and Libraries - I wonder how long it will take for the Tribune to issue a suit against UICC- to free up the Annenberg Chicago Challenge Papers. They had no such tardiness getting Obama's Senate rival GOPer Jack Ryan tuned up over his divorce papers and UICC is a tax-payer funded institution. I have had plantar's warts go away quicker.

Well done

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