Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain/Palin: Something(s)About Sarah - A Report from Frank Nofsinger, Patriot, Polemicists, Philatalist, and Swell Dancer

If America were the insolvant, racist, hill-billy swamp critter, knuckle-dragging oaf over-run, Pan-Balkan festival of misery that the Denver National Convention parade of morons said it to be - Connecticut's Frank Nofsinger was stride right in and, with horny-knuckled but gentle hands, divert the cleansing mid-continetal waters of the Mighty Mississippi into a National Spray and Wash and set things right. Smaller men do live beyond the understanding and reach of Frank Nofsinger. The Georgia Peanut comes to mind.

If Jimmy Carter were half the man . . .oh, he is. Settles that. But, John McCain has inpeccable taste in Women! He has the sound sense and judgment to pick the one person in the VP Field who will help send the Obama Camp into hissy fits, snits and tizzies 'Lord, I do believe I have the Miseries and the Twizzles!' and absolute bury the Obama/Biden ticket in the first week of November.

Well anyway Frank Nofsinger wants Americans to know another 10 Great Things About Sarah Palin - I ain't blind Frank so I know the first thing - yes, I am shallow.

Sarah Palin is drop dead gorgeous and four years younger than Michael Jackson - the gloved Wonder. That was pointed out to me by retired a CPD detective who met at a Forty Hour Devotion at Keegan's Pub.

Frank Nofsinger -American - wants you to know that....

Sarah Louise Palin (nee Heath) was born Feb., 1964, in Sandpoint, Idaho. Her family moved to Alaska when Sarah was an infant. Her father, Chuck, is a retired schoolteacher.

2. She attended Wasilla High School where she played point guard on the state champion basketball team. Her nickname was "Sarah Barracuda."

3. Palin graduated in 1987 from the University of Idaho with a degree in journalism. She worked briefly as a sports reporter in Anchorage.

4. She refers to her husband, Todd, as the "First Dude." He's worked as a commercial fisherman and as a production operator on the North Slope for BP. He enjoys snowmobiling and has won the Tesoro Iron Dog, billed as the world's longest snowmobile race, four times.

5. Palin and her husband have five children, Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow, and Trig. Trig, born in 2008, has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. Her son Track joined the army in 2007.

6. Her favorite meal is moose stew.

7. She comes from a family of outdoor enthusiasts. Her parents, Chuck and Sally Heath, enjoy hunting and fishing, and have both completed marathons.

8. Palin was named Miss Wasilla in 1984 and was a runner-up for Miss Alaska. In 1996 she was elected mayor of Wasilla.

9. She's a lifetime NRA member and enjoys hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling.

10. Elected in 2006, she's Alaska's first female governor and the youngest governor elected in the state.

11. 2) Her husband's status as a Native American will be a much-discussed, big plus -- Todd is a Yup'ik Eskimo.*

I believe Frank picked up these nuggets of FYI at Townhall

Obama's only executive experience ever was working for Bill Ayers.

Hugh Hewitt

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