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Illinois' s Tom Roeser - Authentic

Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble. Samuel Johnson ( 1709 -1784)

We must be authentic. We should not wish to be like anyone else but be true to ourselves. Tough business.

Principles, ethics, integrity, commonsense and authenticity are the core values that tend to make us act better toward one another and they are the roots by which we too often fabricate an artificial framework from which we operate. I tend to dodge and hide from what I know needs to be done in keeping with what I hold to be true.

'I am a Catholic'

'Go to Mass, Yesterday?'

'No, why?'

'It was a Holy day of Obligation ( Catholics should go to Mass - Feast of the Assumption ( August 15th The Dormition of the Theokotos to Greek & Eastern Rite Catholics) - The Mother of God was Assumed into Heaven; thus, avoiding natural decay of the Body - we say we believe that this is Doctrine)

'My Kids wanted to go to the Air and Water Show after I got off of work.'

'I see.' Yes, Sir, that Hickey is one Fine Catholic!

Yep, so much for core principles reflected in my outer deportment. We Compromise. Rather, we Kop a Plea, more often than not. I am conflicted ( 24/7), I should be rejoicing every time a former bust-out lawyer who woke up one day and found that there is Gold in suing an entire Religion - Catholic - but I really can not. I hate pedophile priests, but I also hate ambulance chasers making millions off of the Clergy Abuse Scandal. They can sue the Catholic Church, no worry. The Catholic Church is an easy target, especially when a Progressive Media has an opportunity to howl and harrumph all high and mighty at the Church's expense, while ignoring any and all other institutions plagued with pedophiles, or citing get-rich-quick opportunists - fair is fair, and completely absent with the Media. The Ambulance Chasers and ther media stooges have no such luck when it comes to suing a Public School District when Coach Grabowski makes the same play for a child as Father Peckerphile. The Trial lawyers have a gren light suing the Catholic Church, but they can not do the same against a Public School District, or a Fire Department, or the Cook County Clerk's Office. They would not want to sue a black preacher's Church, for example the the celebrated and long forgotten Rev. Paul Hall - bad Progressive Juju that.

We learn to develop our behavioral patterns early in life and the more blessed of us have had great people to emulate. The woman who raised four daughters on a teacher's salary and sent them all to Ivy League Schools on Scholarships after her husband took off with another woman and looted their savings always brings tears to my eyes, when I remember her struggles in Kankakee in 1970's.

Progressives invent icons. People emulate real people.

I look to people like my Dad and my uncles as examples of Authentic behavior. My Uncle Bud once welded shut the incinerator at Cook County Hospital used to burn fetuses, while he was Chief Engineer there. He stared down Cook County President George Dunne - George Dunne caved and later appointed him Chief Engineer for all of Cook County. That was in the days before the Progressive took root and elected officials with steel spines could tell the activists to go piss up a rope.

In Public life, Illinois is blessed with Mr. Tom Roeser - a walking Renaissance Man: Publisher, Lecturer, Author, Radio Host, Raconteur, Government Man, Corporate Man, Catholic and American Patriot.

I find no one coming close to matching the 18th Century genius ( compiled the 1st English Dictionary) Poet, Wit, Essayist and Patriot - Dr. Samuel Johnson - with sole exception of Mr. Tom Roeser.

If you want to know what authentic means, talk with, or better yet, read Tom Roeser. Click my post title for what I consider to be one of Mr. Roeser's finest and most authentic pieces - a criticism of Democrat and Republican Catholic Hairsplitters on Abortion and the parsing away of integrity by too many of us. Tom Roeser holds on to Authenticity and has become the encorpified litmus test to living a good, productive, and sharing life. Be authentic, dodge not, and you will have no problem with Mr. Roeser, be you conservative, liberal, Marxist, Catholic, Orhodox or Reform Jew. Be what you are about, or save it for the tourists. Tom Roeser lives here!

Tom Roeser has more close friends than any person I know and many of those friends differ with Tom on religion, politics, music, liturgy, or most anything. I have been blessed with his friendship. Tom, like all great people, sets the bar a little higher for us. The True test of Love and Affection is to be found in our individual willingness to expect that our friends to live authentic lives - void of sham and cant and nonsense.

Tom Roeser makes all of us do spot checks on our unique Authenticities. Roeser on behavior is like Sterling on Silver - to snatch thought from the old Wanzer Milk ads.

Tom Roeser - Authentic.

Authenticity - refers to the truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions.

Tom Roeser is a Chicago-based conservative writer and broadcaster, currently broadcasting on WLS 890 AM talk radio. [1]

Roeser is a former fellow of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard [2], former vice president of Public Affairs at the Quaker Oats Company [3], former Woodrow Wilson International Fellow at Princeton, and former Distinguished Professor of Public Policy at Roosevelt University, Chicago. He is a Senior Fellow of The Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based free market-oriented think-tank[4].

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