Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olbermann Takes Credit for Maddow: 'WayTaGO Butch!'

Olbermann, the bloated basso-asso of MSNBC- The Tool Shed, is taking credit for the posting of Rachel 'Butch' Maddow to her own show - 'Bullish on America?' Mayhaps? Hmmm.

Nevertheless, Fat Boy Olbermann, the bigger half of the Tubby and Butch Countdown segment oozed the news to the Daily Kos crowd. Olbermann's Oil Can Harry routine has helped push John McCain's numbers up past Obama. He is not the biggest A$$hole in America but he'll do.

Maddow's show will tank before Obama loses the 40 States to McCain in the biggest landslide in electoral history. She replaces Kid Nepotism Dan Abrams - who has a job for life so long as his Pappy jots out the billable hours for the Peacock.

Remember, MSNBC- The Tool Shed, Huffington Post, Daily Kos,, Hollywood, and so many others have contributed to this massive political implosion. Never have some millions of dollars been wasted on so few votes. They have all been great.

Keith there is no 'I' in Morons - there is one in Idiots, nice work, Son!

God Bless You, Tubby and Butch!

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