Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olbermann Watch - So You Don't Have To!

As I predicted MSNBC's Ovaltine Fueled Fat Boy- Keith Olbermann and his trusted sidekick Rachel 'Butch' Maddow kicked up the Kitty Litter over the Saddleback Forum.
MSNBC- McCain Shall Not Be Considered - pays Keith Olbermann huge amounts of money and strokes Maddow with promises of power to come, so long as they bitch and whine in mirror image of their target audience - soul-patched Cliffs Note Readers and their chicks.

I used to do the kids's ironing during Countdown, but now I watch Intervention or Orangutan Island thanks to the good folks at Olbermann Watch. They watch Olbermann so I don't need to and they give me an update on Tubby and Butch's daily carryings-on and what-nots!

Click my post title and link to Olbermann Watch - they do -that other don't have to.

Talk about jumping on grenades! God Bless these Heroes!

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Anonymous said...

Pat - I reopened www.19thwardblog.com. I have a special spot for Olbermann on my sidebar... Check it out and spread the word. I'll put a link up to your site...