Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olbermann & Maddow: Tubby and Butch - The Bradberry Fumbling Witnesses to a Bar Beating: We are to blame for Russia's Invasion?

The World was appalled when a lard assed drunk cop beat a tiny Polish bartender while two bar patrons fumbled with their Bradberry Pocket communicators, for refusing to serve him more drinks. A near three-hundred pound life-long bully who managed to snare a job as a Chicago Policeman became the focus of the media. Not for being a coward and a violently self-absorbed drunk, but to toss dirt on all police officers. The Media, it seems to most Americans, rarely 'gets it.'

The World's Three Hundred Pound Vodka-fueled bully, Putin's Kleptocracy, Russia invaded Democratic Georgia, bombed its air-fields and threatened energy delicate Europe ( Most of Europe's natural gas comes from Putin's Russia) into silence.

Here in America, our self-absorbed fat-asses on MSNBC, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, blamed Putin-Russia's bar-bullying on . . .get this . . .America.

Keith Olbermann is Pee Wee Herman of thought. Rachel Maddow is loud, self-centered and oily Honors Student in every English teacher's Advanced Placement course. As Granpa Hickey would say, "She's More of Man Than Your Mother!"

Take a peek at the Doublemint Twins of Duplicity on MSNBC ( McCain Shall Not Be Considered) - The Tool Shed!

Click my post title for these two losers.

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