Saturday, August 09, 2008

John McCain; Old Paint v. Phar Lap

The Australian legendary horse, Phar Lap, took on the full field of front runners at Aqua Caliente in 1932 and blew them away. Two days later the wonder horse dropped dead of colic. To paraphrase historian Lauren Hillenbrand, that didn't do much for the nag but did wonders for his legend. So it is with Illinois first term Senator Barack Obama one of the most electrifying public persons to come on the scene in years. in Illinois, Barack Obama was identified with the quotidian tasks of getting the job done. He did not electrify. He was there.

Defeated in a run for Congress against Black Panther turned Chicago Alderman turned U.S./ Congressman Bobby Rush and tweaked in the Chicago Sun Times as 'not black enough,' Obama was acknowledged as a good guy and an up-and comer.

Then he was passed along to the U.S. Senate in the usual way - bartering for the primary shot with Dan Hynes, getting the Chicago Tribune to open up the books on Republican rival Jack Ryan and being treated with Allan Keyes as an opponent in the general election. Not electrifying.

The the 2004 DNC - electrifying speech and a fairy-tale first date.

The gradus, the normal steps of political ascent was bulldozed immediately by the buzz-doctors and poll priests at the DNC and the Progressive road-grader went to work on the political process - 'forget the resume - polish the interview!'

Electrifying. Short-circuit, but electrifying nevertheless. Barack Obama no longer was photographed with the elected officials who helped him in Springfield. Obama was now with the Major Dudes of Progressivism. Community activist was pushed to the top of resume along with U of C Law Professor! Now that's progressive. Legislation in Springfield? No paper trail? - no matter. Obama was out of the gate!

Kid Hope blows by Biden, Dodd, Richardson, Kucinich ( a Llama among the other Clydesdales), he takes show-pony Edwards and finally after getting plenty of juice from Doc Dean, Obama goes neck-and neck with the only Chalk on the Turf - Senator Hillary Clinton gets a photo-finish with Kid Hope in June.

The race is over. Obama is run-out. We have seen all that he can do.

Obama is stumbling and seems colicky. There is not much there -there.

John McCain, a genuine public servant and a 'flawed person' by his own account had this Democratic voter well over a year ago. I like Barack Obama, but he is no where near ready to be President; no where near ready to be Governor of Illinois and Jimmy the Two-Headed Boy could do a better job than Governor John Edwards-Lite Blagojevich.

Obama will lose forty states. Like Phar Lap, we found Obama 'electrifying' - snap, sizzle, fizz - but Old Paint McCain will win by a land-slide - forty lengths at least.

Click my post title for the Economist article Obama Fatigue.

The beauty of this very unscientific analysis lies in the fact that my methodology is as old as the polis - I am voting for John McCain because I trust him to win the War on Islamist Terror, work with all Americans to right the economy, make the hard-decisions for the right reasons and keep America safe, strong and focused.

Senator Obama blew the most important decision of his political life - when asked by the DNC clown-opera to run for President, Barack Obama jumped at the chance. He bolted out of the gate before he was ready for the race. CRASH, SPLINTER, RIP! STUMBLE! That's gotta hurt.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't realize quite how old John McCain was until I saw this video on YouTube It really put his age into perspective for me. Wow!