Saturday, August 30, 2008

MSNBC-The Tool Shed: Helping McCain/Palin - You Clowns are the Kings ( You Especially, Butch) of the Sideshow!!

"John McCain's mate - Cindy McCain - and his running mate - Sarah Palin - are beauty pageant ladies, which may tell us something that we didn't know before about what John McCain likes in women." Butch Maddow -Rhodes Scholar with an eye for the ladies

Tubby and Butch and whole gang over at MSNBC have come down with rampant Palin-phobia!

That is all to the good. Chris Matthews looked like his Milky noggin was going to explode. David Shuster, Team nebbish, had the buck-toothed gnome Roy SomethingCoff from Huffington Post pre-loaded with Poison for Palin, but the main course, or course - aside from trencherman and Satisfied faux baseball cap wearer, The Thing That Ate Flint ( Come on Altar Boy! It was You! You Blamed GM, but you ate that town!) Michael Moore - was the Tubby and Butch attempted tag team.

Both hit the canvass and missed Governor Palin by a mile. Come on Practice! Butch, looks like she spent dome time in gym. Get Keith out of the tub and into the park. Get him some exercise and let him talk to other kids! Really, Butch!

Are you nodding and have that 'I Care Smirk?' Good!

MSNBC - Bang Up Job!

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Not Your Sweetie said...

Ha!Ha!Ha! Thanks for this - as of course I never watch them. I expect RNC will back their woman candidate against sexist attacks. DNC couldn't, you see - because Howard didn't have cable.