Saturday, August 23, 2008

John McCain: McCain Has Killed Kittens, Pushed Blind Cripples in Front of Buses and Predicted an Obama 15 Pt. Bounce! Meanest Man Alive!

John McCain is Mean! He called a boy who merely asked him a question, 'a little jerk!'

Keith Olbermann has named John McCain 'Worst Person' in the World and coming from a troubled fat boy who shudders throughout the day when repressed memories of his days as a lonely boy himself surfaced like bubbles in a tepid water-filled bathtub - toying tearfully with a dog eared Rocky Colavito from Topps and preparing for his next un-pantsing at the hands of loutish athletes, that means something; Keith knows. The bullied become bullies.

I imagine John McCain lifts pads of butter at Denny's across this great country of ours and smears railings in nursing homes and the odd men's door knob. Of course, only after asking the Denny's waitress for a chilled glass of dehydrated water -'Yes, Sir, Senator!'

I see the Senator Glad Wrapping toilet seats after serving guests gallons draft beer hundreds of yards from the house.

No doubt a proffering of delicately fried Tortilla Chips, marshaled around a festive Guacamole dish filled with Wasabi and garnished with intricately cut limes, cilantro, and diced tomatoes would be ideal for those Press Barbecues.

But this week, Senator John McCain crossed the line! If the 18th Century artist William Hogarth could have witnessed McCain's vile act, he would have engraved cuttings for a Fifth Level of Cruelty ( Stage One -small animals; Stage Two - villainy and robbery; Stage Three Murder and Seduction; Stage Four Cruel Perfected and the Fifth Senator John Sidney McCain!

McCain told one of the pencil neck geeks at Huffington Post that he expects the Obama Campaign to take a 15 Point Bounce after the Democratic Convention. ( Click my post title for this shameless act of cruelty.

My God, Sir! These are Half-wits,with whom you are having sport! You, Senator are . . . I'm sorry I can not go on!

But it is damn funny! What's next asking a room full of nuns, 'Is there anyone I have not slept with here today?' Telling a blind kid 'Hey look at that Sunset!'

Asking Keith Olbermann, 'Getting Any?'

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Truly, what difference in any of our lives, regardless of political bent, does Keith Olbermann make?

If anything, he consumes precious natural resources in his broadcast that could be spent, frankly, on just about ANYTHING else.

Even dead airtime would be better.

But McCain "worst person in world"?

You wonder: Between Olbermann and Barack/Barry SoetorObamaDunham, would there be an actual pair of testicles? Figuratively, there are none.

And does MSNBC stand for Morons See Nothing Bloviate Callously?