Monday, August 18, 2008

John McCain: Obama Campaign Turns Saddleback into Whine Country

I thought that Senator Obama turned in a fine performance on Friday night and then his Campaign went all nut-bag Progressive - you know the squeal - mincingly childish; snitch-addicted; Jello-spined; twerpy; in short, pure and undilutedly authentic whiners.

The stooging Peacock NBC International was the primary horn blown by the Obama Campaign when McCain out shined the well-packaged Senator Obama.

Andrea Mitchell spiked the punch.

Mitchell reported that some "Obama people" were suggesting "that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama. He seemed so well prepared."

A McCain aide said that is not the case: "Senator McCain was in a motorcade led by the United States Secret Service and held in a green room with no broadcast feed.Mitchell made the comment in the context of saying McCain did better, and that the Obama camp was defensive. In response to the campaign's letter, she pointed out that journalists get criticism from both sides.

I could almost hear the exchange between Andrea and the goof sent by Dave Axelrod:

'Andrea, Johnny Mac cheated! Quick, Woman! We need Change! Help Us( Team Dean & etc.)Change Washington Andrea! Sean Hanity! Have you Read Cone? Have You Read Cone? Have You Red Cone? Red Cone? Where were we Andrea? I just pulled that one out of Howard Dean's Race Cards. Sorry. Reading the wrong talking-points. Let's Blue Points . . .nope. Here we go! BTW, That was in reference to Rev. Wright's explanation of Liberation Theology, remember that Andrea? Well, forget it! Never happened. Here we are . . . Cheat Snitching ( Camp Obama 101: by Bob 'Check Kite Runner' Creamer - Cry Hoodwinked! Andrea, Help us Change the Planet! Help us Change Barack's downward spiral!'

Wait until, Team Peacock's Uber-Doofus Olbermann and his twin Rachel Maddow get Soupy Sales Tag-team at MSNBC-The Tool Shed stoked for thought offal tonight. The Cone of Silence bilge will cascade from Keith's cliff of nonsense.

Senator Obama is tanking.

Click my post title for the NBC bells and whistles. GE - what a bunch of whiny twerps!


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Like Obama and his minions, the Obama shills and shillettes in the wrongly named MSM are the some of, if not the, most treacherous, adolescent, insecure and morally and intellectually bankrupt horses' patoots to come down the pike in a long time.

Obama and his, as well as the shills and shillettes--typical liberals and leftists and Demockacrats--cannot conceive nor will they ever acknowledge that anyone other than themselves is capable of independent thought--especially should it be clearer, more robust, more effective, better grounded, genuine, etc.

All of them are laughable.

And the Civil Forum simply continues to show that they are neither civil or know how to engage in any forum, other than their pat-on-their-own-backs get-togethers.

pathickey said...

I have yet to meet a Progressive who would give a penny to straving, blind and crippled
(challenged in PC)homeless girl -instead, of loudly advocating a tax-payer funded program.

Yet, to meet a well-mannered one as well.

occam said...

It amuses me to see how left-wing liberals always cry foul when they get their butts kicked. It's my belief this is because the true left-wing liberal is so convinced that his position correct he is utterly incapable of seeing or believing actual facts that are inconsistent with his world view. Because they are closed minded, they can not even conceive of the possibility that they may be wrong they will totally and completely ignore any and all fact that proves them wrong. In word they are ideologues. When that fails, they cry “cheat” and don the tinfoil hats of conspiracy moonbats. Truly pathetic. These are souless people who will never be happy for they live illusory lives. The left-wing liberal is a perpetual victim in search of victimizers -- victimology is the basis of the left-wing liberal politics. It's easy to see why Obama is their candidate ... he too is an illusion, a figment of his own imagination.

Obama, CHANGE you can believe in if you want a President who is narcissistic, specious, vacuous, and effete.

Anonymous said...

Let's make believe John McCain was not at Saddleback. Some answers by Obama were quite telling. His answer on most gutwrenching decision, incorporating his decision on Iraq where he did not have a vote, his answer on abortion (above his pay grade), and including his grandmother for wisdom. The same grandmother he threw under the bus for Rev Wright in his race speech, before he threw Wright and his church under the bus in the midst of his campaign, for his candidacy.