Friday, August 22, 2008

John McCain: I'm guessing Obama's VP will be Senator Jack Reed - if BO is as Smart as One Would Believe.

A buddy of mine just called: 'Hey smart ass! Who's Obama gonna pick for VP?'

Scratch, Scratch, Scratch - getting to like that so I stopped.

I say, 'Senator Jack Reed (D) of Rhode Island!'

She says,'No Effing Way!' ( Foul mouthed little Asian twist)

Pulling myself to my fullest height, I cock an eyebrow and rejoin, 'Money? Marbles? or Chalk?'

I got a feeling that Senator Obama will choose Senator Jack Reed or little old Rhose Island.

This guy would be a great choice. He is on some of the key Committees:

Aremed Services

and he trotted along with Obama on the global tour.

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