Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ayers/Obama Papers Open: An Exposed Nerve on the Tooth of Hope

This will be an Exposed Nerve for Barack Obama until well past his defeat at the polls in November.

Here's How I See This Playing Out! Kurtz is nosing through the papers now and will have come up with some plums by PrimeTime Tonight! Watch Tubby and Butch ( Olbermann and Maddow) explode on MSNBC.

1. Billy Ayers recruited Obama for the Annenberg Chicago Challenge

2. ACC became a conduit for the flow of Federal $$$ into the 'The Chicago CPS Reform' laundry

3. Obama did what he was told - watch them memos

4. Obama gets rewarded with an appointment to the Woods Fund & etc.

5. Billy Ayers is Mephistophilis to Obama's Faustus - 'I'll burn my books' is now obstruction of Justice and a Federal Beef

6. The Balsa Wood Spined politicians ( especially Daley will get smeared by the revelations)

7. Walter Annenberg like most gangsters offspring embraced free market capitalism - however, the foundations their wealth amassed are run by Leftists - witness MacArthur in Chicago; Joyce and Woods Foundations.

8. Obama will lose by a minimum of 40 States - No Hope here, Bub.

9. He will lose his Senatte seat.

10. The Progressives will rat out each other and survive Obama's downfall - 'They Mount, They Shine,Evaporate and Fall!' - that's how they roll.

BTW - Chicago Tribune and AP already slathering whitewash onthe story.

U of I at Chicago opens Ayers records
Associated Press
10:28 AM CDT, August 26, 2008
CHICAGO - The University of Illinois at Chicago has opened records from a nonprofit organization Barack Obama served on that's linked to former '60s radical William Ayers.

Those records include 140 boxes of documents from a school reform group called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which Ayers was instrumental in starting and Obama chaired in the 1990s.

Ayers teaches at the university. He has a controversial past that some supporters of Republican John McCain want to highlight because of his past work with Obama.

Several news organizations, including The Associated Press, began reviewing the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge on Tuesday. The group was awarded nearly $50 million by a foundation in the 1990s to help reform city schools.

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