Sunday, April 13, 2008

John McCain: Chicago Police Officers - Justice Has Your Backs!

Chicago Police Officers have been under assault by the very forces of radical thought in America that Senator Barack Obama wears over his shoulders like a good heavy top-coat out on the stump - well, there's stumps and there's stumps. As Senator Obama so clearly stated last week at the donor ( $2,500 a Butt Place) get-together in San Francisco last week, Cops, cling to your Faith and your weapons.

All summer long and through the fall of 2007, Chicago Police Officers, not the City of Chicago, came under an orchestration of strings, horns and percussion from the Chicago Sun Times News Group. It was an atonal Progressive Piece.

On July 10th, 2007 Sun Times editor Cheryl Reed issued her proclamation "we [the Chicago Sun-Times editorial page] are returning to our liberal, working-class roots, a position that pits us squarely opposite the Chicago Tribune—that Republican, George Bush-touting paper over on moneyed Michigan Avenue."

What followed was not a series of editorials or reports in support of hard-working, over-taxed, crime-victimized Chicago citizens, but what appeared to be a daily pogrom of Chicago Police Officers.

Radical Lawyers, University 501(c)3 Thinks Tanks, Street Reverends, Urban Translators,* convicted murderers, foolishly gutless elected officials and community activists publicly attempted to undermine any and all confidence in law enforcement by arguing that Chicago Police Officers, black,Hispanic, Asian and white were fundamentally brutal racists drunk on power - and other lubricants as well.

Radical lawyers, especially G.Flint Taylor ( Peoples Law Office) and Jon Loevy, had their coal shovelled for them by Cheryl Reed's Progressive Independent Voice of Chicago. Reed's catch-phrase 'Let's Get into It!' Challenged criminals violate the laws and safety of Chicago and its citizens and win a Lotto Lawsuit with Flint Taylor or Jon Loevy in the public eye.

During the Sun Times reign of terror, a Thug Comfort Zone was created in Chicago. Mary Mitchell. Frank Main, and Mark Brown voiced 'concerns' about Chicago's 'systemic racism and corruption.' Convicted murderers who had been pardoned by Governor Ryan sued the City of Chicago and nearly every day lawyers like Taylor and Loevy or radical think tanks from Northwestern University Law ( smeared by the continued tenure of convicted domestic terrorist and Obama friend Bernardine Dohrn) spokesmen Locke Bowman were given gallons of ink by the Chicago Sun Times to pillory the very women and men charged with 'keeping a lid' on Chicago's Homicide Roller Coaster.

Here are but ten of 185 such pieces that helped create Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone:

'They thought they could run completely amok'
Click here for complete article
Author: Frank Main and Fran Spielman The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: July 19, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 18
Word Count: 548
More than 1,200 complaints have dogged 57 officers in the Chicago Police Department's elite Special Operations Section over the past five years. But only four of those complaints have led to discipline: a 15-day suspension and three reprimands, according to statistics obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Over the same period from 2001 to 2006, at least six members of the citywide Special Operations Section robbed drug dealers and honest citizens alike, prosecutors say. Those...

Is this the face of police brutality?Click here for complete article
Author: Abdon M. Pallasch and Frank Main The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: July 27, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 3
Word Count: 692
An officer the Chicago Police Department tried to fire for punching an elderly man in the face after a fender-bender is now accused of doing nothing while fellow cops beat up bar patrons in January. On Thursday, the four patrons filed a lawsuit in federal court saying they were beaten by at least five cops early Jan. 7 outside Carol's Pub at Clark and Leland on the North Side.

The defendants include Detective John Sebeck, who was suspended for nine months in 2000 after the...

Sharpton puts city on noticeClick here for complete article
Author: Lisa Donovan The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: July 31, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 3
Word Count: 537
The Rev. Al Sharpton is coming to town. The brash New York minister's civil rights organization is opening a Chicago chapter this week, in part to pressure Mayor Daley and the Cook County state's attorney's office to deal more swiftly with police officers accused of brutality.

"There's been a consistent pattern of police misconduct, and a lot of people feel Daley has been getting a pass," Sharpton said.

He said that...

Chicago blacks getting a new rising star
Click here for complete article
Author: Mary Mitchell The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 2, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 10
Word Count: 722
The Rev. Al Sharpton may be the public face of the Chicago Chapter of the National Action Network, but it ain't all about Al. What was launched Wednesday afternoon in front of the historic Regal Theater wasn't just a new chapter of Sharpton's New York operation. It was an anointing of Jeri Wright, daughter of the Rev. Jeremiah H. Wright.

Rev. Wright is pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, a congregation that has been at the forefront of several...
Nota Bene! Nota Bene!

Daley rips Sun-TimesClick here for complete article
Author: Fran Spielman and Andrew Herrmann The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 2, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 11
Word Count: 541
Mayor Daley on Wednesday accused the Chicago Sun-Times of trying to create conflict between himself and the Rev. Al Sharpton in a desperate attempt to sell newspapers by fanning racial tension. "I don't know why you're trying to position me on that. It's really unfair. . . . My picture in the paper yesterday and today -- Al Sharpton on one [side] and me [on the other]. Pretty soon, they'll have boxing tournaments going on....

Rev. Al sure stirs up our emotionsClick here for complete article
Author: Mark Brown The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 2, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 6
Word Count: 714
Mayor Daley thinks we're trying to sell newspapers by writing about Al Sharpton. Is it that obvious?

Sharpton. Sharpton. Sharpton.

I just generated 10 more hits for the Web site.

Of course, we're using Al Sharpton to sell newspapers. It's always worked in New York.

Somebody says New York stuff doesn't go over well in Chicago. I think that's the idea. We don't need you to like Sharpton to take an interest in...

Only acting?Click here for complete article
Author: Michael Sneed The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 8, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 5
Word Count: 521
A STARKS ATTACK . . . A Stalin purge? Sneed hears acting Police Supt. Dana Starks' first order of business Monday was to order the picture and name of former top cop Phil Cline stricken from the department's Web site.


Sneed has learned a paternity suit was filed against Starks in September 2000 by a woman who still works in a top position at the City Colleges of Chicago.

The request to establish parentage was settled in October 2001, when...

Daley joins Sharpton rallyClick here for complete article
Author: Andrew Herrmann The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 8, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 24
Word Count: 355
Mayor Daley last week suffered brickbats by the Rev. Al Sharpton over police brutality. On Tuesday, Daley offered up a bouquet, appearing at a "decency" rally staged by Sharpton's organization. Speaking at Millennium Park, Daley thanked Sharpton for inviting him to the rally, staged to protest racially and sexually derogatory rap music lyrics.

Sharpton, who last week charged that Daley was "getting a pass" on police brutality, was...

Judge: Give inmate new hearing due to cop tortureClick here for complete article
Author: Eric Herman The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 15, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 10
Word Count: 171
In the first example of a Cook County Criminal Court judge acknowledging torture at Area 2 police headquarters, Judge Thomas Sumner granted a man convicted of murder in 1984 a new hearing on whether his confession is admissible. Sumner's ruling Tuesday raises the possibility that James Andrews, imprisoned since 1983, could get a new trial. The judge noted Andrews' convictions were based almost entirely on his alleged confession, taken at a time of "systematic...

Mistrust of police gives cover to crooksClick here for complete article
Author: Mary Mitchell The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 16, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 12
Word Count: 656
In normal times, Aaron R. Harrison Jr. would not become a martyr. At the time of his fatal run-in with Chicago Police in a North Lawndale alley Aug. 6, Harrison, 18, was on probation for a 2006 drug conviction involving heroin. He had been arrested numerous times during the past year.

But his criminal past didn't matter Wednesday when Harrison was being funeralized at New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church on the West Side.

Nearly 1,000 people filled the sanctuary and...

Good God!

The dedicated men and women of Chicago Police Department continued to Serve and Protect under this most unwholesome reign of terror. Citizens died from violence and went completely ignored by the creators of the Thug Comfort Zone: two Leo High School graduates of the Class of 2004 Jason Riley Class Valedictorian and Golden Gloves Boxing Champion 2003 (125Lb. Division) was shot in the back by gang bangers at 69th & Justine in front of witnesses and received only coverage and outcry from the Chicago Tribune. Two weeks earlier, Steve Lyons, Leo 2004 Thompson Gold Medal Scholar, was murdered while studying at his desk in his grandmother's home by gang bangers. Neither, death provoked any artificial outcry from Mary Mitchell, Frank Main, Abdon Pallasch, Mark Brown or Cheryl Reed. No class for marches, no nothing, because their deaths could not result in a Lotto Lawsuit by Lefty Lawyers, or enrich any Urban Translator, or hand a microphone to University Think Tank loudmouths.

Cheryl Reed is gone. Chicago Sun Times is limping to an ignominious end. Chicago Police Officers still serve and protect.

Payback is a tall beautiful woman with her eyes covered and a nifty set of scales in her mitts. That babe is a knockout.

She may help get an unjustly accused and convicted Chicago Police Man out of an Iowa Prison.

She may help the Lyons and Riley families find justice against the people who created the Thug Comfort Zone that killed Jason and Steve.

Chicago Police officers may get help from this beautiful woman in November, when John McCain get elected to the Presidency.

This morning, as every morning I began my day with the women and men who keep me safe. I open to CPD Officers' only forum the great Blodsite Second City Cop. The Chicago Police Officers - not the command structure - seem to have better morale these days. They are getting a look at the crumbling structure, sadly around Obama's Campaign, of the foundation of the Thug Comfort Zone. The Babe with the scales has you backs Officers!

From today's Second City Cop:

Sen. Barack Obama was criticized Friday by his two fellow presidential candidates for statements he made recently at a San Francisco fundraiser that could be viewed as derogatory toward rural America.

"You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them," Obama said Sunday, according to the Huffington Post web site.

"And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not," Obama reportedly continued. "It's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."
"...cling to guns"? Isn't that a Right enshrined in the United States Constitution?

"...or religion"? Again, a Right. People are free to worship or not as they see fit. And if religion is the touchstone that helps them live their lives morally, ethically and properly, who is Obama to claim they are "bitter"? We wonder why Obama seems to "cling" to the Trinity Church where an obviously deranged "reverend" claims the CIA invented AIDS and 9/11 was deserved.

"...anti-immigrant"? How about "anti people breaking the laws of the United States to come here, drain the economy and demand protections due only to actual citizens of this country"? Everyone here today is descended from immigrants, but most of our ancestors did it properly.

Hillary is circling the drain, but the more Obama speaks, the more people realize he's nothing more than an old-time big-government liberal elite who's going to raise taxes, kowtow to special interests and pretty much destroy the economy by implementing gigantic social programs on a level unseen since the 1930's.

Barring a disaster, it's McCain in November.

It's clear that gang members and the justice system they sometimes encounter operate in different social spheres. You might even say that such (alleged) criminals speak a different language than judges and attorneys. That, at least, is a point of discussion in a Chicago courtroom.

Wallace "Gator" Bradley is currently acting as a "court interpreter" for a gang member suing the city because, he claims, police tortured confessions out of him. In a criminal trial, the Chicago Sun-Times reports, Aaron Patterson shouted in court, threatened his attorneys and attacked one of them.

To keep him calm in his current trial, Bradley is sitting at his table in court and helping him keep calm. Attorney Frank Avila made this argument in pressing the judge to accept the unusual arrangement: "Mr. Bradley and him come from a different subculture and they are familiar with each other's, let's say, emotional needs. So I'm using this analogy of having a translator in a different language. And I know that sounds kind of radical, but I think that's correct. And I think Mr. Bradley would be critical in communicating with my client."

Attorneys for the other side find this all highly irregular. "All of us were stunned when Patterson's attorney described Mr. Bradley as an urban translator," said Patricia Bobb, an attorney for a Cook County judge who is among those Patterson is suing.

Especially because he could be saving a bundle.


Anonymous said...

Wallace "Gator" Bradley is a FORMER gang member.
There are young men and women even in your neighborhood, and brothers and sons of your friends who have dealt drugs and did other crimes (remember Marist HS and Cappas?)
Yet some of them changed their life and now have moved on, why can't you give the same courtesy to someone else.

Wallace "Gator" Bradley is NOT currently a gang member. Wallace "Gator" Bradley has not been accused of a crime for 30 years and was pardoned by white former US Attorney Republican Governor Jim Thompson. Governor Jim Thompson was the one who wanted the mandatory minimums and the Class X felonies in Illinois.

There are many youth (including ones in or at least around the schools you serve) that are members of gangs by choice, force, or coercion. There needs to be options, people, movements to push people to not join gangs and see there is an altertanative (like your HS) but also to get kids out of gangs who are in and kids or adults who leave a way to rehabilitate themselves.

Finally, while we can all agree that there are many good police officers (if not most but unfortunately not all) and they do serve and protect and do good.
The reason for the headlines is also because:

1. The Burge issue which was not just because of shark plaintiff lawyers but also defense lawyers who were delaying and milking it with a lot of money being made on all sides. Jon Burge and other detectives appeared to do very brutal and wrong things. I don't have a lot of sympathy on an animal like Wilson. Because of Wilson there are innocent men in prison like Logan--but it begs the question how the system sends innocent men away.

2. The Special Operations with men like Finnegan who robbed both drug dealers and innocent civilians especially Latinos who they felt were not going to report them or sue. Finnegan hired contract hit men to kill 4 other police officers.

3. The CPD officer Abbatte who beat the little Polish girl in the bar that made YouTube and was played in China. That is not the media but the power of the new internet medium of cameras and YouTube video.

4. CPD officer Joseph Medeziawski who was running a multi million dollar drug ring from Miami to Chicago, threatened people, knew about killings, worked with gangs, and was putting drugs on the streets.

5. The beating caught on tape of the CPD officer who was beating the guy in the wheelchair.

6. Should we go into the Cook County Sherriff's office? (Lonegran and others?)

There is a culture that needs to be changed. There are systematic problems at the Chicago police department. There is racism by some. The system has many issues of innocent men in prison and lack of rehabilitation for men who may be guilty but whose crimes are not as serious (like non violent drug use)

pathickey said...

I believe that your catalog of points have been more than adequately covered in the pages of the Sun Times.

Anonymous said...

You have to admit there are some -ssh-l- cops. even bad criminals.

I agree with you on the so called Peoples Lawyers, and the so called good schools that rape taxpayers and let criminals go.

Gator Bradley is a dressed up gangbanger. He even admitted it when he ran for office. These are not good guys and not good government. Bradley calls Larry Hoover a political prisoner. That is insane.

I used to drink with a lot of cops and many cops do need to lose weight and change their attitudes.
Most cops don't prevent problems but investigate after the fact.
Chicago does not have a good 9-11 response time.

But nobody wants to talk about taking guns out of law abiding citizens for protection or the violent subculture that needs help but is given more fuel on the fire of illegitimate kids, gangs, violence, drugs.