Tuesday, April 01, 2008

John McCain: Arne Duncan, Phd. Piled High and Deep! School Choice Arne, Is the Only Way to Help Yourself and the Chicago Public Schools

Leading Cancer Specialist Dr. Krop E. PayCheque informed the disappointed children of the 101st Airborne Division's Precision Bicycle Marching Team that raccoons often have their way with tired carburetors and there is absolutely nothing that serious members of the League of Baseball Hotties could do - or improve upon - at this time.

And for more clarity on the crisis facing tax-payers and the deplorable state of Chicago Public Schools we have CPS CEO Arne Duncan:

From Today's Tribune

Clarke's slaying, like every other student killing this year, left Chicago Public Schools chief Arne Duncan speaking about the need to get rid of guns and hold manufacturers accountable. Last year in CPS a record 34 students were killed during the school year.

Tuesday's rally will put more heat on lawmakers, Duncan said.

"This is a public health epidemic. We are struggling to find the cure for AIDS, we are struggling to find the cure for cancer; we know the cure for this public health epidemic -- getting rid of guns," said Duncan. "We need political courage."

You need a much looser collar size. You need air to the brain-pan, Arne!

We all need School Choice.That's Arne up there in the photo of his classmates who did not attend Chicago Public Schools either - see how he pays attention!

Photo: Arne Duncan Top Row Extreme Right - His Left - Tall Guy.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

Pat, I hope you keep hammering the issues of school choice and merit pay for excellent teachers. Those are the only steps that will improve schools in Chicago and elsewhere. Please send me your email address. Mine is: TalkTop65@aol.com. I'll recommend your blog on my blogs and to the Black Conservatives Group on Yahoo.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa

Anonymous said...

Hickey, my good man, you have applied strong impact directly to the flattened portion on the top of the pointed fastener.