Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Wonder What Bill Ayers Is Doing Tonight: Camelot - No Just Breathing Hard!

Bill Ayers:

I know what you people are thinking tonight,
As home through the shadows they wander.
Ev'ryone smiling in secret delight,
They stare at Hyde Park and ponder.
Whenever bomb blows this way,
You can almost hear ev'ryone say:

I wonder what Bill Ayers is doing tonight?
What merriment is Billy pursuing tonight?
The Haymarket Copper it never burned as bright.
I wonder what Bill Ayers is up to tonight?
How goes the Peoples Power
As Bill stares at Old Sears Tower
Being regally and legally prepared?
Well, I'll tell you what Bill Ayers is doing tonight:
He's scared! He's scared!

You mean the lad who fought a Nation,
Bombed the Pentagon and tried Penn Station,
Goes to be wet in terror and distress?

A radical who's so calm in handcuffs,
Even his lawyer wears nice makeup
Faces public scrutiny with fright?

You mean that appalling clamoring
That sounds like a nickstick hammering
Is merely the banging of his radical knees?

You wonder what Bill Ayers is wishing tonight?
He's wishing he were in Soho salon-ing tonight!
What occupies his time covering his own backside?
He's searching high and low for some place to hide.
And Obama's expectation,
The Public's anticipation
B.A. must feel about the inquiry to come.
Well, I'll tell you what Bill Ayers is feeling tonight:
He's numb!
He shakes!
He quails! He quakes!
And that's what Bill Ayers is doing tonight.

H/T to:
T. H. White (novel The Once and Future King)
Alan Jay Lerner & Frederick Loewe

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christmasghost said...

Brilliant....I loved it. Good job!