Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ayers & Dohrn: Smug as a Bug in a Rug - Radical Down

I met a real rebel in 1974. Cornelius Enright, that was the name he went by, was a seventy something year old farm hand in County Kerry, Ireland.

As a young man, Con Enright fought the Black and Tans - the British Irregulars comprised of sociopaths and British Army misfits sent to terrorize the Irish during the Rebellion in the early 1920's. Mr. Enright belonged to one of 'The Flying Columns' commanded by Tom Barry and fought a guerrilla action through the mountains bordering Cork and Kerry.

When the British withdrew, Ireland went into Civil War - divide over whether or not to accept the Partition which created the Irish Free State in the southern counties and kept the Northern Ireland counties in the British Empire. Enright took the side of the rebels. He fought and was wounded in the City of Cork and imprisoned by his old comrades. Upon release, Enright continued to fight for a United Ireland.

In 1937, Enright went to Spain and fought for the loyalists against Franco. Was wounded and captured again and released, after a truce was declared. He was excommunicated from his Catholic Faith for siding with the Communists and had been a member of the British Communist Party.

In the late 1960's he returned to County Kerry and worked as a laborer on a cousin's farm outside of Brosna, County Kerry. He prayed the rosary every day, but never went to Mass. 'Once in - never out.' He was a cheerfully poor man. He was totally abstemious as far as alcohol and had been from childhood. He never took a drink in his life.

Then, there are the Chicago radical chic. Trust fund revolutionaries from the 1960's who played at revolution with real explosives and committed real crimes without the remote possibility of long-term harm to themselves or their wealth. Their Daddies, like Ayers' Pater used the long-arm and short pockets to see to that. Ayers grew up in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago in a highly privileged family (his father, Thomas Ayers, was Chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison) and attended Lake Forest Academy. Billy had the lawyers and the bankrolls to get them out of any high jinks and youthful indiscretions. Like These from Wikpedia:

According to Ayers' memoir Fugitive Days, he became radicalized at the University of Michigan. During his years there, he became involved in the New Left and the SDS.

Ayers went underground with several comrades including Brandy Diekman and Arion, after their co-conspirators' bomb accidentally exploded on March 6, 1970, destroying a Greenwich Village townhouse and killing three members of the Weather Underground (Ted Gold, Terry Robbins, and Diana Oughton, who was Ayers' girlfriend at the time). He and his colleagues invented identities and traveled continuously. They avoided the police and FBI while bombing high-profile government buildings—including the United States Capitol (two bombs on March 1, 1970), The Pentagon (May 19, 1972), and the Harry S Truman Building which houses the United States Department of State (on January 29, 1975)—along with several banks, police department headquarters and precincts, state and federal courthouses, and state prison administrative offices.[1][2] Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn raised two children, Zayd and Malik, underground before turning themselves in in 1981, when most charges were dropped because of prosecutorial misconduct during the long search for the fugitives.[

They had Chicago blue-stocking connections at the Universities; ink-clout with the Bohemian Dreams Media; seats on the Trust Fund Charitable Boards that have more power than any political machine. Talk about money laundering. Talk about nepotism! But Chicago's 'hard-hitting' investigative journalists have a huge red light in front of them where monied crumbs are concerned. Medill trained reporters and editors will not look into the clout babies of the Left. They will not look into the network of Radical lawyers who enrich themselves and create a Thug Comfort Zone in Chicago.
Hands Off! Basta Ya!

Dohrn and Ayers were trust funded into sinecures - almost like political no-show jobs at Chicago's universities. Chicago journalists are only interested in sitting outside a cop hangout to 'entrap' off-duty policemen.

Ayers and Dohrn are friendly with Barack Obama. He has to be friendly with opportunists like these two insulated phonies, because the teacup Revolutionaries who dominate Progressive Grassroots Lakefront, IVI, goofball politics, command that he do so. Barack Obama is no more tight with these too, than he is with Tony Rezko. He was pushed on these too by some Progressive dimbulb big shot- 'You MUST meet Bill and Bernardine they are soooo committed.' To themselves. Obama's problem is that he is not well served by his Campaign. A smart manager would have had him get way out in front on these two, instead of waiting for a dope like Hannity to shrill about them. These two are not worth it, but that's just me.

There is no way in hell that Barack Obama is joined at the hip with these too, faux freedom fighters. He met them and they gave to his campaign - pretty good metaphor at that - a husky $200. Bill spends that much on his tennis shoes. That shows the level of commitment these two phonies have toward anything that does not directly enrich or further insulate themselves. But that's just my opinion. All I know is what I read in the papers, which I mill through my experience - seeing what good people actually do for poor kids and meeting real Revolutionaries, like Con Enright.


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