Saturday, April 26, 2008

John McCain: McCain is on the Green!

"In politics, nothing is contemptible." Benjamin Disraeli

Kevin Drum has a beef with the American People - they like, admire, trust and support John McCain. Click my post title for Kevin's Snit -'Why do people like McCain?' He is very much like most Americans, Kev. He actually has a record of accomplishment. McCain is good at his job. McCain does not suffer fools gladly; nor, is he a bully. John McCain's well documented temper is directed at 'equals' - there are no betters. He's a very kind man, though, not above giving a punk, bully, or loudmouth an Old School Tune-up.

Since St. Valentine's Day, The Democratic Party has engaged in fratricide. Progressive Siblings, Senators Clinton and Obama have crabbed and clawed at one another over the shiny toys - Delegates, Super-delegates, and the popular votes including the uncounted ones in Michigan and Florida.

Bosnia, Bat Guano Crazy Uncle Jeremiah Wright, Domestic Terrorist Neighborhood Buds, Billy Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and Senator Obama's closeted remarks about 'bitter clinging' Americans have put a Democratic Victory in the hazard.

The DNC patina of Unity has been chipped away. A wedge is lodged in heart of Democratic Hopes. John McCain is a Driver.

John McCain is on the Green and putting until November. Kevin Drum and other Soros operatives are howling ancient and toothless canards at John McCain and he is taking his time with these strokes.

The gallery Loves McCain. He can take the pressure. This game is beyond his opponents. Clearly, bowling does not fly with Dean's Dream Team. Tennis is a game for whiny brats. This is the Masters.

"Those who stand for nothing fall for anything." Alexander Hamilton

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