Saturday, April 12, 2008

John McCain: Obama-pologetics! Huff-Po ProtoSpeak!

Like Quicksliver on roller skates, The Huffington Post All-Stars* are telling Americans that the back-up lights on Obama's Campaign are signalling the true north of Lost Planet Air-Heads!

They gotta say some thing! Huffington Post blabbed about Senator Obama's Johnson Tumble at the (closed to the public) San Fran 'girls-talk' about 'Bitter God Toting and Bible Packing' Rubes - like you and me!

Arianna got the A-Team into the Greek Kitchen that is HuffPo Ed-Thought!

"Cod Dameet!@ Fah-keen Boosh! Dees Kon-tree Gates hNo Chahnz, eff Obamalooses, Cod Dameet! Arni Fournou! hRiht Fest! Gat dah Peeple uff Dees Kon-Tree Tah Unna-Stan! hRite, Yu hRitahs! hRite! Melitzanosalata!Fah-keen Boosh! Kokkinisto!" **

**( Subtitles: Lord Bless Me! Mr. Bush is bothersome! This Country Gets No Chance, if Obama Loses, Lord Bless Me! Roast Lamb! Write Fast! Get the People of This Country to Understand! Write! You are Writers, n'cest pas? Lovely Eggplant Salad! Mr. Bush is Bothersome! An Equally enjoyable Lamb Treat!)

En Day hRote:

Everything, from ;Rove did it; to 'Rummy Woulda!'

Here's Your HuffPo Allstars!

BIO: Jane Smalley is a Pulitzer Prize Winning Novelist who ran the New York Marathon in under Times Square with a Baby Huey Hair-Do - She's Got that Jane Addams Thang goin' ON!

Here We Go Again - Here We Go Loop Dee Eye! writes Jane
Jane SmaLley, 04.12.2008

Barack Obama tells the truth about conditions as we know them. Hillary Clinton respond by calling him "elitist and out of touch." I cannot believe how angry this makes me. When stupid crackers can not understand their own intrinsic depth of utter uselessness. Such hate!
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Tom D'Antoni'N Cleopatra is a writer and TV producer/reporter living in Portland, Oregon. His hilarious book, "Mordid Nun Disinfects Entire Convention" based on his brief but potent career in tabloid "journalism" is just out from Villard/Random House and caused Pope Benedict XVI to pee Warsteiner in his Papal britches with laughing! Ach, Dat Furst Ach Mendmundt!.

Bushing Clinton: CNN's Bush Poll on Obama's Remarks on a Variation of Theme by Paginini - or My Ass in Two Parts. 04.11.2008

It says "his elitist," not "an elitist" attitude as though his statements were proof of something that already existed, but was, perhaps doubtful. Pronoun People not the indefinite article! Viewers, why don't you validate that for us here in Atlanta! Validate, People?!!! It's Obama you Hillbillies! He'd cough up a lung for you!

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David PsiKappaRossis: he currently serves in a volunteer capacity as the co-chairperson of the Progressive States Network - a 501c3 nonpartisan organization for which David accepts an honorarium of $ 300,000 per year of which he donated $ 2,500 to the Obama campaign and fully expects an appointment as Secretary of EduKKKation in the Obama Administration.

McCain Said It, Before He Attacked Pearl Baily, 04.11.2008

The plain fact that McCain's campaign is feigning - feigning I tells you -outrage over Obama's truisms when their own candidate has made thematically similar statements strikes me as...what's the word...oh yeah -- dishonest, disingenuous, pusillanimous, just darn mean. My kitchen is a mystical place, a kind of temple for me. It is a place where the surfaces seem to have significance, where the sounds and odors carry meaning that transfers from the past and bridges to the future - the mice are biting my ear wax!!!

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With Huffington Post helping his Campaign . . . Senator Barack Obama is screwed, blued and tattooed!

The Huff Po Allstars - Less talent than coked-up Mouseketeers; More Opinions than polyps in Bill Maher's Colon!

The Huffington Post: Hollywood Squares without Borders


Anonymous said...

Sad, but so true! I was a member of HuffPO before it turned to HuffBO! Anything said in a poor light about BO was immediately attacked then wiped away. HuffBO even goes as far as to search out nice pics of BO and horrible pics of anyone else...pitiful. Arianna should know what it's like to run against a rockstar as she so easily lost against Ahhhnold in the California gubernatorial race. She should understand more than anyone else. But, she hasn't learned. I think she is the one who is BITTER!

pathickey said...

Well, you are among friends now - me and the two guys who read my stuff.

Here, eat these oyster crackers . . . have a glass of water from Lake Michigan - best drinking water in America.

All kidding aside, Arianna is Goebbles in Armani or whatever the fashionable broads wear.

Brad Marston said...

Now Now Pat. You have more than 2 readers and your site stats prove least 3:-)

Great stuff as usual!

pathickey said...

Thanks Brad, but only Mike Houlihan and John Rubery will change socks with me.