Thursday, April 03, 2008

John McCain: The Democrat Convention: What Really Happens at 3AM!

MSNBC - The Tool Shed's Bloated Fop - Gracie Olbermann and his identical twin Rachel Maddow the Gender Neutral Doublemint Twins of Fatuous Commentary -take every opportunity to slight the Honor, Ingerity, Service and Age of Senator John McCain.

John McCain is the only clear choice for Americans.

This is Howard Dean's Democratic National Committee's Dream Team- Democrat Convention!

Party or Not?

Hat Tip to American Patriot, Free Spender, Tax Smart and Ale Genius, Patriot and Patron - San Francisco's Vietnam Veteran Author - Mike McQuade!!!!!!

Click my post title for the very funny Olbermann Watch - Old Woman Olbermann never gets the time right and he's never been broke

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