Tuesday, April 08, 2008

John McCain : Earned Respect with Sacrifice & Jay Rockefeller- Born Privileged to Shoot His Mouth Off.

Jay Rockefeller is a twerp. I'll exercise my Rights under the Bill of Rights - I think Jay Rockefeller is a twerp and privileged Twerp at that. Jay exercised his public franchise to sneer at John McCain who spent five and half years being tortured by America's enemies, while Jay's Family added to their fortunes as war-profiteers. Standard Oil did great.

John McCain burned up petroleum products and the North Vietnamese did the same in shooting down McCain.

Rockefellers might have made out from both sides, while Jay went to the Peace Corps - God Love him - really.

McCain was crippled by the North Vietnamese.

The Rockefellers made money off of Nazi Death Camps - no one is tossing Zyclon B at Jay - yet.

From Wikpedia

The Rockefeller based company Standard Oil's marriage with IG Farben, the company which manufactured Zyklon B for the Nazi Party, demonstrates a lack of ethics towards its business practices.

Click my post title for the Twerp's ideas about a Man who stood up to torture and did not make a nickel on the deal.

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