Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chicago Police Take Down Wild Rodent - No, Not Flint Taylor!

Expect Media Outcry and Yuppies with Twisted Thong-Binders! Take the children out of viewing. Death Naked! Threat to Nuts Everywhere!

Special Tactical Response Units of the Chicago Police Department took down a very, very, large rodent. No it was not G. Flint Taylor, Jon Loevy, or any of the other Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers.

The Bushy Tailed Critter was big - huge, Man! Bigger than Chicago's Homicide Figures - thanks two metaphorical rodents like G. Flint Taylor, Jon Loevy and other Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers.

St. Xavier University will remain open despite the action.

Click my post title for more from Chicago's WildLife! Thanks again CPD! How do you women and men make it through a day with all the manure loaded on your backs? God Bless You!

photo: Mike McQuade - San Francisco, CA. Vietnam Veteran and Patriot


Anonymous said...

Want to know about Jon Loevy...



Joanne said...

Flint Taylor is an unethical, lying, racist scumbag.

His crew is a bunch of degenerate, vampire, blood sucking, perverts.

They are literally communists and anarchists.

It is a disgrace to law and academia.