Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Code Stupid Part IX; Obama Explain ISM's Connection to Trinity - ISM was part of the Easter Attack on My Church!

Easter Sunday - Six thugs attacked worshippers. Interviewed as a 'witness' to their planned 'Action' was International Solidarity Movement (ISM) operative Kevin Clark.

Chicago Tribune's Stacey St. Clair told me last week that she had no interest in looking into Kevin Clark and ISM Involvement in the assault of worshippers by a group calling themselves Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War.

The Canadian Press is looking into ISM and its close involvement with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Trinity Church:

But Obama’s association with the ISM through his church and lobbying in Chicago goes even deeper than just his past links to Al Awda and Ali Abunimah. His pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and the Trinity Union Church of Christ in Chicago, are both equally involved with the ISM.

Since 2001, the ISM has been tasked by the PLO and other Arab irredentist groups with getting new generations of American college kids to consider democratic Israel as somehow a violator of human rights, all the while as the Palestinian Arabs who practice open anti-Semitism, honor killings, and the murders of their own people as well as Jews, as commendable practices. At their 2003 national organizing conference at Ohio State, ISM activists set out to deconstruct American narratives about Israel as a democratic state with firm support from secular radical Americans of Jewish ancestry. In one workshop set up to discuss ways to put a good face on suicide bombings, ISM activists spoke of new ways of reinterpreting the Bible so Israel did not belong to the Jews, but to the Palestinians.

Click My Post Title for the Full treatment of a dangerous radical group (ISM) with Islamist Terrorist.

Senator Obama has some vetting to do.

ISM witnessed and act of terror on my Church.

The Chicago Tribune had better light a fire under Ms St. Clair.

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