Thursday, April 24, 2008

John McCain: The Ex- Con Kite ( check kite) Runner Explains Obama's Pennsylvania Victory!

This yutz is like having free cable! Ladies and Gents, Bob Creamer, convicted check kiter and Progressive Camp Obama strategist, explains the victory of Obama over Hillary Clinton despite the fact that ten percentage points to Clinton seems to indicate otherwise.

That is why Bob Creamer is must - must I tells ya! - viewing on Huffington Post - Hollywood Squares Without Borders!

Here's Bob - The Terra Haute Federal Prison Alumnus:

All that remains for Clinton are more opportunities for her own campaign to be shut down. If she loses Indiana and North Carolina it will be extremely hard for her to continue. But there is no longer any opportunity for her to defeat Obama.

Clinton's may have won last night, but she failed to do what she needed to do to derail Obama's march to the nomination. In retrospect, Pennsylvania will appear as Clinton's Waterloo.

Robert Creamer is a long time political organizer and strategist and author of the recent book, "Stand Up Straight. How Progressives Can Win," available on

(Now, how can you not wet your britches in the presence of powerful political thought like that - unmatched since Machiavelli argued to stab the boss in the back if things looked dicey for the boss) If 'she loses Indiana and North Carolina . . . it will be extremely hard for her to continue.' Drop the Soap and Stop the Presses!!! Bob! If she loses Primaries - it will be bad? People pay you for this and it's not a crime? Now, how can you hate this country , Bob? And Moms and Dads send their Kids to Camp Obama to learn 'the new politics of Hope?' Bob-Beeeee! Bob, The Shank, Creamer!

Bob is married to the lovely, daffy, and hubris topped off Rep. Jan Schakowsky who is dying to take Senator Obama's place in the U.S. Senate by by-passing the electoral process entirely. Now that's Grassroots.,CST-NWS-senate06.article

Jan makes play for Obama's Seat - You GO! Girl!

"I would be. I certainly would be interested in that. I think it is unseemly and untimely right now to do much beyond stating my interest in that," Schakowsky said Friday in a taping of WMAQ-Channel 5's "City Desk."

Asked if she has a good rapport with Blagojevich, Schakowsky says, "We do have a working relationship, and we have a long-standing friendship. We really haven't discussed this particular issue. I agree with him on his priority of health care and applaud him for the work he has done as the health care governor."

Blagojevich could not be reached for comment.

'It's premature'
Blagojevich's friction with some other Democrats around the state limits the list of obvious officials he would like to appoint to succeed Obama, such as state Comptroller Dan Hynes, who was a runner-up to Obama in the 2004 primary for senate.

Among the more interesting options, Blagojevich could appoint Attorney General Lisa Madigan to keep her from running against him for governor. He could appoint himself senator. He could also appoint Obama ally Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.

Asked if he was interested in the appointment, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. said through a spokesman he was "intrigued" at the potential of Schakowsky being named, but "it's premature to speculate right now on a replacement for Obama."

If she does get the appointment, Schakowsky will face a lively election fight, with opponents likely making hay of the conviction of her husband, Robert Creamer, for check-kiting to keep his public interest group alive.

'It makes you stronger'
Creamer's prison sentence at the federal penitentiary at Terre Haute strengthened him and their marriage, Schakowsky said.

"If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger," Schakowsky said. "Even that experience at Terre Haute, where [former] Gov. [George] Ryan is now, he wrote a weekly newsletter. He looks to the future. He paid the debt he owed -- no money, his time in jail. It made him an advocate for prison reform. There are a lot of people in prison for crimes of substance abuse."

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