Monday, April 21, 2008

John McCain: Senator Obama's Friends Draw His Lines in the Sand

Click my post title for Erik Ericson's report on Obama Change Agent Larry Lessig's oafish testimony for before the Senate Commerce Commission - all the links are there.

Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe.
Theodore Roosevelt

The DNC has lacquered the Barack Obama Campaign with every 'reform' movement in this country and beyond:

Here's pretty impressive list of reformers and others:
Social and political activists
Liz Abzug, co-founder and director of the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute and daughter of Bella Abzug[561]
Luis Alejo, Watsonville Planning Commission[562]
Joan Baez, singer, peace and human rights activist[563]
Tom Bernstein, lawyer, businessman and human rights activist[96]
Rev. Claude Black, Jr., civil and human rights activist[564]
Ellen Bravo, feminist activist[565]
Maria Buell, district director of League Of United Latin American Citizens[562]
Shepard Fairey, street artist and activist[566]
Jane Fonda, actress and political activist[567]
Tom Hayden, anti-war activist, former California State Senator[568]
Rev. Joseph Lowery, minister and leader in the American civil rights movement [569]
Omar Mercado, deputy district director of League Of United Latin American Citizens[562]
Kate Michelman, pro-choice activist, former head of NARAL[570]
Eric Stern, gay rights activist.[497]
Carlos Ramos, voting-rights activist and President of the Monterey chapter of the League Of United Latin American Citizens[562]
Michael Ratner, human rights lawyer, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights[571]
Juan Uranga, director of the Center for Community Advocacy[562]
Naomi Wolf, co-founder, American Freedom Campaign[572] [edit] Political groups
Alabama New South Coalition[573]
American Hunters and Shooters Association[574]
Asian American Action Fund of Greater Chicago[575]
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now[576]
Texas political blog Burnt Orange Report[577]
California Legislative Black Caucus[197]
Cook County Democratic Organization[578]
Houston GLBT Political Caucus[497]
Democratic Party of Illinois[578]
Mexican American Political Association[579]
MoveOn.Org[580] Virginia political blog Raising Kaine[581]

[edit] Foreign political leaders
Wouter Bos, Minister of Finance and deputy prime minister of The Netherlands[730]
Michael Ignatieff, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada[731]
Toshio Murakami, Mayor of Obama, Japan[732]
Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister of Sweden[733]
Ségolène Royal, former French Socialist presidential candidate [734

These lists are from Wikepedia and the emphasis my own. Senator Barck Obama is beginning to make clear his vision for America. That is not a vision that I happen to share. If Bil Maher thought that I was a pretty good guy, I'd be worried; but, that's just me.

The more Americans ask questions of his campaign, the more this clear distinction between the Democratic National Committee's vision and that of the rest of the country will be more evident, as it was when Senator Kerry was in Senator Obama's shoes. Those Florsheims are getting pretty scuffed and cracked about now.

The British foreign press is getting it.

This is from the Times On-Line of the UK:

The Obama attacks over the weekend followed his weak performance in Wednesday’s TV debate with Mrs Clinton when he struggled to answer some barbed questions. Mrs Clinton scorned his subsequent complaint that she had sought to “twist the knife” in him, saying that if he did not like the heat “he should get out of the kitchen”. Aides to Mr Obama privately acknowledge that they have at times struggled to find the right balance between the “hope agenda” and the need to demonstrate that he is robust enough to withstand a Republican onslaught in the election in November.

They are playing down his prospects of winning Pennsylvania in tomorrow’s primary, suggesting the advantages that Mrs Clinton has with older and white working-class voters means that Mr Obama will do well to keep her margin of victory to single digits. His lead in delegates means that he should still win the Democratic nomination whatever the result.

If she loses tomorrow’s vote, both sides acknowledge that Mrs Clinton will come under enormous pressure to pull out of a race which many Democrats fear is beginning to damage their White House prospects. But a victory for Mrs Clinton could reinforce emerging doubts about Mr Obama.

John McCain, the Republican nominee, seized upon renewed controversy over Mr Obama’s friendship with William Ayers, an “unrepentant terrorist” from the Weather Underground. He said what was “really bordering on the outrageous” was Mr Obama’s comparison last week of Ayers with the Republican Senator Tom Coburn – a doctor “who brings babies into life” rather than a man who is on record as wishing he “had bombed more”.

The choice of John McCain was clear to me some time ago.


Anonymous said...

Lumping the Cook Co Dems with Move and calling them reformers and others? That's a pretty broad paint brush of supporters I would say. I assume you are counting the Cook Co. Dems as "others". Just trying to be clear.

pathickey said...

By Gadfry,Sir,

The Cook County Democrats number a veritable congress of reform and good government - Quigley, Claypool, Schakowsky, Munoz, et al!!!!

As clear as reform itself! Yes, we can!