Thursday, April 17, 2008

Billy Ayers CUBA Jersey - Profound Apologies to all Cub Fans!

Two Happening Dudes!

Unrepentant Rebel - because he never had to face any consequences for his actions - Billy 'The Trust Fund Bomber' Ayers is sporting a nifty Cuba jersey and not as pointed out to me by White Sox Fan and American Hero, Marty Tully. CPD (ret.) Two Tour Green Beret Vietnam Veteran a Cubs Jersey.

Profound apologies to all Chicago Cub Fans! Bill Ayers is a Cuba Fan.


Anonymous said...
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Bill Baar said...

Nice find Pat! Glad the rest of the world has finally heard about Bill Ayers.

pathickey said...


Great to hear from You!

We are all proud of your service to our Country, Bill, here and in Iraq -