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John McCain: Tom Hayden of Lefty Vets and Comrade of Billy Ayers Tweaks Hillary's Angry White Women

Cherokee-Blood-On- My-Birkenstock's Philbin, Vasser '64 DID NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY!!! Photo of Cherokee Courtesy of Frank Nofsinger of the great State of Connecticut - Patriot and Womanizer (ret.)

Tom Hayden, the poster boy for Students for a Democratic Society - the Brownies for the Weather Underground - back in the Days of Rage!!!!! - shares his own and his wife's frustrations over the voters who do not goose-step to the Obama Pennsylvania Polka!

Tom was one of the Chicago Seven and later went into the Ben and Jerry's of Activism - soaking the rich through 501(c) 3s - BOOM POWER!

Hayden was sweet on Jane Fonda, who, herself, was spurned by the crippled Yankee Running Dog Air Bandit McCain during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton - Hanoi Jane, of the later day workout tapes, managed to get several American POWs tortured, howsomever, - and I believe one Prisoner was murdered at the hands of Peoples Liberation Army - when Fonda ratted-out these pilots for palming a message to their families with her. They thought that the daughter of a WWII Navy Man, and a movie star at that, would give them a hand. Nope. Old Henry Fonda had to be busting his buttons with pride over that stunt by Jane.

Seems a shame the Hanoi Jane was never brought up on treason charges, but what the hell do I know? Rather, whom do I know? No one with that kind of JUICE.

John McCain refused to speak or even meet with Fonda - who wanted the plum visit with the son of the Pacific Fleet Commander. Ah, Memories!

Well, Tom Hayden, while earnest and radically active, has a face like a smashed ass - no big deal so do I - and Jane gave him the gate. Evidently, another Sister of the Struggle gave Hayden the Hands On signal - anyway - ( Gabby little bastard ain't I?) Hayden pushed out a piece for the Grecian Formula of Obama Doctrine (Huffington Post - Hollywood Squares Without Borders) on this, the morning of Obama's crushing Keystone Wake-Up Call. It seems Tom Hayden's Missus hates Hillary - and, now, so does Summer of Love Hayden:

To use the current terminology, Hillary people are bitter people, even more bitter than the white working class voters Barack has talked about. Because they circle the wagons so tightly, they don't recognize how identical, self-reinforcing and out-of-touch they are.

To take just one example, the imagined association between Barack Obama and Bill Ayers will suffice. Hillary is blind to her own roots in the Sixties. In one college speech she spoke of ecstatic transcendence; in another, she said, "our social indictment has broadened. Where once we exposed the quality of life in the world of the South and the ghettos, now we condemn the quality of work in factories and corporations. Where once we assaulted the exploitation of man, now we decry the destruction of nature as well. How much long can we let corporations run us?" She was in Chicago for three nights during the 1968 street confrontations. She chaired the 1970 Yale law school meeting where students voted to join a national student strike again an "unconscionable expansion of a war that should never have been waged." She was involved in the New Haven defense of Bobby Seale during his murder trial in 1970, as the lead scheduler of student monitors. She surely agreed with Yale president Kingman Brewster that a black revolutionary couldn't get a fair trial in America. She wrote that abused children were citizens with the same rights as their parents. [75] Most significantly in terms of her recent attacks on Barack, after Yale law school, Hillary went to work for the left-wing Bay Area law firm of Truehaft, Walker and Burnstein, which specialized in Black Panthers and West Coast labor leaders prosecuted for being communists. Two of the firm's partners, according to Treuhaft, were communists and the two others "tolerated communists". Then she went on to Washington to help impeach Richard Nixon, whose career was built on smearing and destroying the careers of people through vague insinuations about their backgrounds and associates. [all citations from Carl Bernstein's sympathetic biography, A Woman in Charge, 2007, pp. 67,69,70,75, 83]

Ah, the 60's! Ubi Sunt! They are giving poor old Barack Obama's Campaign the Flashback Miseries and the Twizzles! Lord Have Mercy.

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