Friday, February 09, 2018

Prediction - Watch for Chicago Media News Blackout on Jeanne Ives for Governor

I was struck this early morning, by two things

  1.  The general lack of snow accumulated, thus far, in the 'biggest storm of our times'
  2. The complete absence of news, opinion, screeds and vaping in either daily rag for this hick -burg concerning anything related to Jeanne Ives, Candidate for Illinois Governor.
What do this portend?

One never knows, do one? - to quote the great Fats Waller.

One might opine that Jeanne Ives' ad, which blew every other campaign for governor into the cheap seats, gave the feisty Mom of Five from the School on the Hudson River more name recognition in Cook County, Illinois and the good old USA than a fat man calling up Blago, or a Governor hiding with abortionists. Every one is talking about Jeanne Ives and that must stop, according to the wallets of Illinois. 

Nota Bene!

  • Both papers compete for the coveted 5-6 things You Need to Know About Snow scoop. List makers are almost as pathetic as bullet point artistes.
  • The Sun Times tries to make a case for Progressive Boy Toy Dan Biss, now that we learn JB Pritzker insulted black politicians on tape while trolling for Blago's attention and Obama's Senate Seat
  • The Tribune is busy buttressing Pritzker's sorry butt with a howler from the always ridiculous Eric Zorn
  • Medill's Nativist turned Progressive image took another harpoon - this time for screwing women instead of police officers

No news about the news making, won't-back-down candidate for Illinois Governor!

Sneedless to say, the Big Money (SEIU/Eychaner/Personal PAC et al) called both editorial boards and said - " No News is Great News, as far as Jeanne Ives is concerned.

What is this?  A war on the only woman in the race?  Gender selectivity?  Come on gals, get them rolling pins and hair pins out!

I expect that both fish-wrappers will find no room for Jeanne Ives with the exception of the forthright and tough John Kass.  No one tells him what to write and he is keeping the Tribune afloat. 

Cancel your subscriptions, until we see all the news that's fit to print - you know, like Jeanne Ive's Policy Revolution

Jeanne Ives has the plutocrats running like scald-ed rats.  Image result for chicago rats running

Here's some great news!

IRISH FOR IVES, join us Monday March 5th from 5-7PM at Reilly's Daughter, 4010 West 111thStreet in Oak Lawn. Jeanne is the real deal! IRISH FOR IVES!

Bring the kids!

Thursday, February 08, 2018

An ArchPundit Said " No "True Conservative" Can Win in Illinois. Yet, Jeanne Ives Will

ArchPundit - Monday, Oct 30, 17 @ 12:12 pm:Let’s say she ( Jeanne Ives) wins the primary. That’s not gonna happen, but let’s just say it does. What possible route does she have in a general election? Candidates who run as True(TM) conservatives don’t win statewide in Illinois. from Capitol Fax
Image result for Mark Fairchild Illinois
Hey, Arch, can you say Mark Fairchild?  He was the right-wing LaRouchie nutbag who managed to grab on to Adlai Stevenson's Gubernatorial coat-tails in 1986.  Adlai was Democratic candidate for Governor against Big Jim Thompson. 

Yet, no True Conservative has won a statewide election . . .as a Republican. Nor, can.  

Archpundit's  last sentence is a salient point.   Name a True conservative who won any statewide office.

I can't.  You can't No one can name a "True" conservative who won any statewide office.  That label sticks.

Illinois Republicans have long ago given up Honest Abe's ghost and settled in as Democrat Lite officeholders.

The worst of the lot was Governor Jim Edgar who was shielded from scrutiny by the Mikva-minded commissars of Cook County.

George Ryan was a conservative who was used by the Progressives to ban the Death Penalty in the false hope of avoinding jial time for thecrimes and misdemeanors begun and encultuated by Edgar in the Secretary of State's office.   Poor George thought that the Progressives who put him up for Nobel Prize, when he emptied Death Row were on the level.

Judy Baar Topinka danced to anyone's polka.

The Du Page County power wheels invented Rauner's "I'm not a Social Conservative"  years ago.

The Democrats are not only vicious secularist proto-Marxists, but also skilled media manipulators.

Republicans blow off their own toes and then gimp into every public lion cage sporting a pork chop suit. 

Rauner, who only won because Pat Quinn was so toxic-ly stupid ( JRW!!!!!), has tried to cast Jeanne Ives as House Speaker Mike Madigan's favorited Republican.    Facts are stubborn things. 
Image result for illinois Gop Pat Brady and Bruce Rauner
Madigan's favorite Republican is and has been Pat Brady and Brady is all for Bruce, until the General Election. 

Jeanne Ives is no Illinois GOP/Democrat Lite candidate for Governor.  

The label masters of the media and the political money that tells them  what to think stamp Jeanne Ives as a Right-Wing Republican.

That works for low-informtion voters and the self-satisified of Illinois.  

Jeanne Ives stands for the values of Lincoln.

  • Jeanne Ives Will Return Power to You:  Ives has spent 5 years as a state legislator standing up to Mike Madigan.And she stood up to Gov. Rauner when he has betrayed our conservative values.

  • Jeanne Ives Will Return Your Home to You: Ives will institute a 1% hard cap on property taxes as a percentage of home value. This will return your home value to you that has been stolen by the highest property taxes in the nation.

  • Jeanne Ives Will Return Your Money to You: Ives will rescind the 32% income tax increase passed by Chicago Democrats and surrender Republicans. Ives will repeal the new, open-ended entitlement Rauner created by signing public funding of abortion on demand.

  • Jeanne Ives Will Return The Rule Of Law To You: Ives will repeal Illinois’ sanctuary state status and allow local and state law enforcement to cooperate with federal law enforcement Democrats and traditional Illinois Republicans do not.

Can a True Conservative win state-wide office.

No.  Jeanne Ives can and will do so in November. 

Illinois for Ives and Ives for Illinois.

BTW!Image result for irish for Hives at Reilly's Daughter Pub oak lawn Il

IRISH FOR IVES, join us Monday March 5th from 5-7PM at Reilly's Daughter, 4010 West 111thStreet in Oak Lawn. Jeanne is the real deal! IRISH FOR IVES!

Image result for irish for Hives at Reilly's Daughter Pub oak lawn Il

Cook County ( Orr, Claypool and Quigley) Opened the Door For Russian Collusion -

Shift Schiff and Papadopoulas! Which coin is under the walnut?  Three Card Monte?  Try three card-carrying Progressive stooges.

While everyone was glaring at Trump, three slight-of-hand artists and many others escaped the spotlight.

Retiring County Clerk David Orr, Disgraced CPS goniff Forrest Claypool and Congressman Mike Quigley should be under the Feds' big Sherlock Holmes looking-at-you glass.

It was this troika of trumps that forced the Sequoia Voting system upon voters in Cook County.  Now, after months of partisan play-acting on Russian collusion the Department of Homeland Security might have some  unvarnished answers for American citizens:

 In January 2017, just weeks before leaving his post, Johnson declared the nation's electoral systems part of the nation's federally protected "critical infrastructure," a designation that applies to entities like the power grid that could be attacked. It made protecting the electoral systems an official duty of DHS.  But Johnson told NBC News he is now worried that since the 2016 election a lot of states have done little to nothing "to actually harden their cybersecurity."

Manfra said she didn't agree with Johnson's assessment. "I would say they have all taken it seriously."

NBC News reached out to the 21 states that were targeted. Five states, including Texas and California, said they were never attacked.

Manfra said she stands by the list, but also called it a "snapshot in time with the visibility that the department had at that time."
Image result for Three Card MonteImage result for david orr, Mike quigley  and Forrest claypool - cook county board
Twenty-one States are being scrutinized by DHS - Illinois is large in the study.   NBC and the vast wasteland of American news outlets attempted to paint President Trump's brogans into the corner of collusion.
Image result for david orrImage result for mike quigleyImage result for forrest claypool
That dog quit hunting weeks ago, but the scrutiny continues.

Last June, 2017, I detailed my thoughts, based upon reading Chicago newspapers, that point to three little hogs - Orr, Quigley and Claypool ( oh, there are others, like dependable Larry Suffredin) - whose muddy mulefeet appear all over Russian collusion going back to Obama's days in the U. S. Senate.Image result for david orr, Mike quigley  and Forrest claypool cook county board

What say you, neighbor?

"Despite the intelligence community's assessment that Russia interfered in our presidential election, President Donald Trump and Republican leadership seem wholly uninterested in examining how and why Russia targeted us — and what we must do to prevent it from happening again.Recently, the intelligence committees in both the Senate and House announced bipartisan investigations into Russian hacking and election interference. As a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, I welcomed this announcement and take seriously my duty to follow the facts, wherever they lead. I support the investigation because I believe American citizens deserve to know what really happened during this past election."  Wee Mike Quigley in the Chicago Tribune Opinion

Donald Trump did not force the use of computer-voting on the voters of Cook County. You did, Mike Quigley. And this twerp is on the House Intelligence Committee? Vlad Putin could not have gotten into our election machines without buck-toothed Dave Orr, Forrest Claypool, Larry Sufredin and the good folks at Sequoia Voting Systems.
In 2006, Mike Quigley was one of the Progressive grifters. . .I mean Commissioners,  who worked with Cook County Clerk David Orr, at the behest of Help America Vote, Abner Mikva and friends, to weld suburban Cook County and Chicago voters together with Venezuelan voting machines.
The Sequoia Voting Machines, Help America Vote, Forrest Claypool, Venezuela and those rascally Russians are all part of our Progressive History.  Prior to the 2008 Election of the transformative Barack H. Obama, a huge fan of Venezuelan Tin-pot Dictator the late Hugo Chavez and voting began getting hacked without hanging chads, on-line and vulnerable.
That was 2006, when former Mayor and Cook County Clerk David Orr insisted that Cook County and City Elections operate the identical voting systems.
Only Cook County Commissioner Tony Perica objected.   The Chicago media and Progressive Democrats ( Forrest Claypool, Mike Quigley, Abner Mikva, Pat Quinn et al) had already branded Commissioner Perica as Mad as a Hatter.   After Forrest Claypool's arched brows and hound dog-sad facial features bespoke his 'concern' for voting in the traditional manner in support of the Orr initiative to force Sequoia Voting Machines on voters in not only Chicago, but suburban Cook County as a whole and ensure that the balance of Illinois votes would be cancelled out, Commissioner Sims shut Tony Perica's pie-hole and on-line voter fraud became a dream come true.
Dig this!
Commissioner Peraica inquired whether the March election used an “Optic Eagle.”
Clerk Orr replied in the negative.
Commissioner Peraica inquired whether Sequoia is traded on NASDAQ or adheres to public disclosure practices.
Mr. Blaine replied in the negative.
Commissioner Peraica inquired what technical problems existed with the machines deployed on election day, and what measures are being taken to fix them.
Mr. Blaine stated that they don’t know the number of technical problems yet.  He stated improvements will be made to the machines at no cost to the County.
Chairman Neal stated that while it is an option to hold the vendor responsible for payment for a consultant, at this time it is the responsibility jointly of Cook County and the City.  He further stated that he would inform the Cook County Board of Commissioners if his office plans to proceed with the hiring of a consultant.
Clerk Orr stated that the reason that an independent consultant would be retained would be to obtain a review that is made independently of the vendor.
Commissioner Peraica stated that the payment for elections judges is insufficient.  He further stated that Clem Balanoff, Director of Elections, indicated to him that the equipment had been certified with a software glitch uncorrected.
Mr. Balanoff replied that the glitch did not affect the accuracy of the result.
Commissioner Peraica inquired whether the Board will receive a report regarding the elections equipment scheduled to be leased for the November election.
Mr. Blaine replied that the Board will be receiving a report on the “Edge” and “Insight” machines as well as the firmware and hardware that support them.  Also, a mock election will be staged, and a report on this will be supplied to the Board.
Chairman Neal replied that he would try to obtain a detailed report from the State Board of Elections on the equipment being used in the November election.  He further stated that although typically the State Board of Elections does not publish detailed reports, he believes that this situation warrants it.
Commissioner Peraica inquired as to when Sequoia will furnish the County Board with a report addressing the number and nature of the technical problems possessed by the election equipment used in the March elections.
Mr. Blaine replied that the County Board will receive this report by July 1, 2006.
Commissioner Peraica inquired as to a suit filed against Sequoia in the state of Washington.
Mr. Blaine replied that that suit had been dropped.
Commissioner Sims inquired whether the equipment used by Cook County in the March elections is state-of-the-art.
Mr. Blaine replied in the affirmative.
Commissioner Sims inquired whether the software being used by the equipment in November will be compatible to any upgraded machines the County might move to.
Mr. Blaine replied in the affirmative.
Commissioner Sims inquired whether the equipment can be enhanced to accommodate any change in requirements that the government might impose.
Mr. Blaine replied that Sequoia cannot foresee what future requirements the government might impose.
Oh, Heavens no, Mr. Blaine!
Barack Obama became 44th President of the United States and Sequoia machines ensured his re-election?
Far-fetched?  Not really.  Venal Progressive Democrats and spineless Regular Democrats benefit.  Oligarchs ( Banks, Brokers, Real Estate Slum Dog Billionaires, Bombardier CTA Products, and joyful Castro Brothers, Tur Partners aka Richie Daley) benefit hugely.
Russian on-line hacking was only made possible by the grant of David Orr and Cook County Commissioners.
It seems logical to follow the money, but first run back to the 2006 in Cook County Illinois and wee Mike Quigley's part in the hacking of American elections.
                                                      April 27, 2006
The Honorable,
The Board of Commissioners of Cook County
Chairman Daley, Vice Chairman Steele, Commissioners Claypool, Gorman, Hansen, Maldonado, Moreno, Peraica, Quigley, Silvestri, Sims and Suffredin (12)
Commissioners Butler, Collins, Goslin and Murphy (4)
Excused Absence:
President Stroger (1)
Also Present:
Honorable David Orr – Cook County Clerk; Langdon D. Neal – Chairman, Chicago Board of Election Commissioners; Clem Balanoff – Director of Elections, Cook County Clerk’s Office; Jack Blaine – President, Sequoia Voting Systems, Inc.; Richard A. Cowen – Commissioner, Chicago Board of Election Commissioners; and Gary Rycyzyn – Election Consultant
Court Reporter:
Anthony W. Lisanti, C.S.R.

 If I were Trump's special prosecutor, I would begin right here with all of the records at the County Building and begin to tune-up these champs: Chairman Daley, Vice Chairman Steele, Commissioners Claypool, Gorman, Hansen, Maldonado, Moreno, Quigley, Silvestri, Sims and Suffredin.
Then, I might look into the results of every election since 2006, just to make sure there were no crazy Ivans in the system.

Monday, February 05, 2018

I'm for Ives, Bruce! Is 'Questionable' the New 'Deplorable'? How'd That One Work Out?

Image result for Jeanne Ives

“Rep. Jeanne Ives has associated herself with questionable individuals that really don’t represent the views of the people of Illinois,” - Governor Bruce Rauner in Politico

One of the best reporters in the sorry State of Illinois is Natasha Korecki - late of the Chicago Sun Times and currently the Illinois Playbook editor for Politico.

Unlike too many Politico headline-grabbers, Natasha Korecki never allows politics to guide her words.  Ms. Korecki is the real deal - fair, professional and exacting with regard to the details.

You never, ever, get half a story with Natasha Korecki. She is a blue-collar Chicagoan.

Today, her front page by-line in Politico features the  Ad that is deemed "Repulsive" by the elites of both Party labels. BTW - it was Dan Bliss one of the Democratic stalking horses for plutocrat J. B. Pritzker's Guv Dreams who termed it 'Repulsive.'

The ACLU resorted to NPR scatology calling the ad "Sad."  You know, "It's just sad. Really, sad."
Image result for Pat Quinn and blagojevich
Bruce Rauner, a long time Cook County trough snouter, ran as Republican against Progressive Democrat Governor Pat Quinn, an accomplished goof and un-original thinker, which was like running against   J. B. Pritzker in the 100 meter dash any day.
Image result for carhartt Bruce Rauner on Harley
Bruce sported Carhartt jackets and rode his  Harley into the hearts of uninformed voters as well as people suffering from Pat Quinn Malaria* ( about 88.4% of the Illinois population) .

Bruce immediately did nothing.Image result for J.B. Pritzker with Rod Blagojevich
Image result for J.B. Pritzker in 2015Svelt!

That was the plan all along - hold the spot for four years, while J. B. Pritzker dropped some tonnage for the Gubernatorial sound bytes and photo shoots 2017-18.

Jeanne Ives  stepped out of Springfield quick-sand and place her neck out for the vicious, the complacent, the satisfied and bought off to take some ax whacks.  Rauner was immediate.

The Ad vilifies Rauner  and not people.  I love my trade union, LGBTQ, Teachers Union and my Irish second and third cousins who landed in Canada and took a three year day visit to Hoffman Estates.   I want nothing but a great Illinois for them.

Only Jeanne Ives will afford them that possibility.

She is a womb to tomb social justice warrior.

Now, after Bruce and his Missus used their Equality Illinois Platinum donations and their Personal PAC good fellowship against Jeanne Ives, he now sets his piggy little eyes one me.

Bruce calls me questionable?   Ask, Bruce!  What you wanna Know?

Is support for a West Point grad, veteran, mother of five who wants a fair shake for all of Illinois not just selected few questionable?

Hell, no!  Last year it was deporable me.   Now, it is questionable me.

Hillary Clinton used that  same such sobriquette and stayed so long at the bottom of the toaster lot that she is still smoking.

I am far from questionable - I am taking a Republican ballot on March 20th and voting for Jeanne Ives.
Image result for Jeanne Ives
In November Jeanne Ives will sprint past J. B. Pritzker and he can again use his gold card at Fogo de Chao. 
J.B. can Bruce about their wine list.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Jeanne Ives Has the Big Money Running Scared . . . and Vicious

Jeanne Ives has turned this Illinois primary season into a Ground Hog Day - everyday.

Everyday this week, the Big Money of Illinois (non of it in the possession of the middle class, or working class) has come out of the ground snarling and snapping!

  • Personal Pac's Terry Cosgrove who owned Governor Pat Quinn, the LGBTQ Libertor whose pen flourishes created genderless toilets and loving and caring lawsuits, who purchased*a judge in 2012, smeared Aurelia Pucinski in the process flooding the campaign for Illinois Supreme Court Justice with Fred Eychner's money:Terry Cosgrove, president and CEO of Personal PAC, an abortion rights political advocacy group, said Ives was appealing to “the craziest of the crazy” and displaying the “lowest form of politics.” -“She wants to make all abortions and the most commonly used from of birth control illegal in Illinois,” said Cosgrove, whose group has endorsed Pritzker in the Democratic primary. “This is an extreme right-wing position that totally ignores the reality of most people's lives.”
Remember this?

Just for fun count the reporters in the above  video now serving politicians.
  • Terry Cosgrove's Usual Angry Screamers: Brian C. Johnson, the CEO of Equality Illinois, the state's LGBTQ civil rights organization, said the group had hoped for “a higher level of discourse” from someone running for governor. "At a time when our leaders should be bringing Illinoisans together, Jeanne Ives is launching a campaign of division and rancor. We need a governor who will stand up for all Illinoisans, not someone who will target transgender Illinoisans for her personal political benefit,” Johnson said in a statement.

  • Illinois GOP Toe Assasins: Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider released the following statement on State Representative Jeanne Ives’ recently released campaign advertisement:“There is no place in the Illinois Republican Party for rhetoric that attacks our fellow Illinoisans based on their race, gender or humanity. Representative Ives’ campaign ad does not reflect who we are as the Party of Lincoln and as proud residents of our great and diverse state. She should pull down the ad and immediately apologize to the Illinoisans who were negatively portrayed in a cowardly attempt to stoke political division.”

Power loves anonymity . . .well, sort of. Coalitions need money. Power uses money. Coalition Power fuses LGBTQ, Green Everything ( hence LGBTQ pol Deb Shore on Water Reclamation), Public Education, Election Reform, ACLU and SEIU. Remember the Democratic Party? Used to be something. Got its money from trades unions, cigar chomping saloon keepers and low-life rascals like Joe Kennedy. Thank, John Dewey; it's Progressive now.

Speaking of Old Joe Kennedy, his grandson Chris Kennedy took immediate defence of the plutocratic PACS and personalities who have strangled Illinois, “We already have enough hate and bigotry in the White House. We don’t need a governor who stands silent against Donald Trump, and we certainly don’t need a governor who echoes Donald Trump,” Kennedy said.

Already, Jeanne Ives is portrayed in a Orange Wig.  Chris Kennedy should have learned something from his recent adventures in the Progressive sandbox - there is no room for him in there with J.B. Pritzker.

Jeanne Ives is no bigot, no homophobe, no xenophobic shrill. On the contrary.

The haters are all on the side of the people who make great wealth from dividingf people and the political stooges they purchase. 

Progressive Illinois politics ( GOP & Democrat) is powered by abortion and sexual preferences of any and all manner as a Civil Right , with the odd nod to freeing all of the prisoners, keeping black women on the welfare rolls and hordes of unskilled workers on the government's dime and suing anyone.
    If that is the 'right side of history'  we are in the ditch created by this drive to the left. 

    Jeanne Ives is winning this fight.

    *Candidate Mary Jane Theis — an incumbent, appointed Supreme Court justice — has attracted the most money, $1,141,385.36, and endorsements from the Democratic Party and Rahm Emanuel. But, until a recent TV ad blitz, she’s been a virtual unknown.
    Opponent Aurelia Pucinski, an appellate court justice, has the least — $33,529.68, but huge name recognition.  Capital Fax Blog feed of Carol Marin

    Saturday, February 03, 2018

    Memo: Tom Brady is Ironman, but People Hate Him

    Tom Brady is Ironman -not the Marvel Comics character and bad movie sequel vehicle, but an athlete with the heart and tripes of Joe Kapp, Bobby Douglas, Sonny Jurgensen, Jim McMahon and Terry Bradshaw.

    Tom Brady  #12 QB
    Height: 6-4   Weight: 225   Age: 40
    Born: 8/3/1977 San Mateo , CA
    College: Michigan
    Experience: 18th season
    High School: Serra HS [San Mateo, CA]

    Tom Brady is prettier than all of the above; hell, if I were so inclined, I'd take a hard run at him.  Tom Brady is like Dorian Grey, Oscar Wilde's post-Raphaelite

    Lucifer and must have a portrait of himself at home that looks like Hell - to quote Ken Klipp of Manteno,Illinois.

    The Patriots, Bill Belichek and Brady elicit the same levels of foam, spittle and bile frothing from the mouths of P-Hatters, AntiFas and Artists of Resistance from many otherwise sober, serious and sedentary sports lovers.   Too many of these 'lovers' consult fantasy player apps and others check-out SI listings, polls and analyzes on ESPN, where they can also plug into their political and moral soul.

    List makers and pollsters are an obnoxious reality plaguing the American soul - always have been.  The great Jean Shepherd warned against them decades ago, but people would rather consult than think, experience, or bear witness for themselves. Americans swallow hype by the yard.

    • Trump will kill us all
    • Tom Brady Deflates
    • Philly Eagles Rule
    • Have You Gone to Au Cheval?  ( why yes . . .meh.)
    • JB Pritzker - Our Common Man
    • Richard Roeper
    • Auburn Football!!!!!!!
    Trump ain't done me no harm.  The FICA on my last pay-stub was harmless. Tom Brady is Ironman. 

    So, I will not watch another Superbowl ( LII).  Most people say the Patriots are -4 point dogs.  Most people called 2016 for Hillary.  

    On Monday, we will see.  Many folks in Asia, Europe and the emerging nations of Sub-Saharan Africa could care less,   but not less than me.